The Ways of a Predator

How were three teenage girls allegedly lured into car and held captive for ten years?
2:10 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for The Ways of a Predator
A question that has eampt merged out of the story in cleveland. We spend a lot of time teaching small children about strangers. But how were three young women lured into a car? Well, you're about to learn why small children may not be the most vulnerable. Abc's cecilia vega. Reporter: Kidnappings, attempted abductions -- from the streets of philadelphia in broad daylight, to the aisle of an atlanta walmart, to a parking lot in florida. They happen all too often. But this week's news in cleveland shows how predators can lure teens, even young adults, into danger. A 2005 abc news hidden camera experiment, shows just how easily teens fall prey to strangers using these tried and true tactics. Within seconds this child safety expert pretending to be a police officer -- are you walking down that way? Reporter: Gets two teens into his car. We're making an arrest right in front of that van over there. Come over here. Reporter: They don't ask a single question. Open up. Jump in. Real quick. Real quick. Just sit in the driver's seat. That's all you gotta do. Fast. Inside. Scoot over. Real fast. Reporter: Mom is nearby, watching in horror. I can't believe it. Reporter: Cleveland police say ariel castro also snatched his victims by tricking them into his car. Safety expert pattie fitzgerald warns kids of all ages to never, ever get into a vehicle without a parent's permission. The younger child gets sort of scared more quickly when things don't seem right. The older child feels like, what could happen? I'm in my neighborhood -- that's surprising. I know. Everybody thinks it's going to be the little kid. Reporter: There's an arsenal of creative tricks. This time, the would of be kidnapper lets the air out of his teen victim's tire. Then he swoops in to save the day. No problem. I want to back up and put it right here, so I can put it in my lighter it will work in, yours it won't, so give me one second. Reporter: It doesn't take long. She's inside. In our experiment, half of the teens got in the car, but the good news is, the Cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":19147839,"title":"The Ways of a Predator","duration":"2:10","description":"How were three teenage girls allegedly lured into car and held captive for ten years? ","url":"/WNT/video/ways-predator-19147839","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}