More Weapons Found at the Airport, 37 Guns in 1 Week

The number of guns confiscated at airports has skyrocketed, here's why.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for More Weapons Found at the Airport, 37 Guns in 1 Week
Good evening to you on this tuesday night. We begin with an exclusive. We have learned about a record number of guns confiscated in the security lines. 37 in just one week. So what kind of guns and why the surge? Jim avila starts us off. Reporter: This guy is clearly not going to make his plane -- because just like a record number of travelers this year, he brought a gun to the art, this one. That's right, nearly 1750 times, tsa screeners have pulled luggage from the security belt because it carried a gun, often loaded. Carried by some otherwise smart people, there is bill russell, nba legend. This is his confiscated weapon. Or the wife of noted gun-advocate ted nugent, she was carrying this piece through dallas. What are people thinking? Virtually everybody says i forgot or I got a different bag than I usually have. Reporter: The number of guns confiscated by the tsa has skyrocketted from 660 in 2005, to double that in 2011, and nearly triple in 2013. That tracks with the rise in the number of weapons americans are carrying, 19 million new and used bought last year alone. But none of the weapons nabbed in 2013 was intended to be used on a plane. In fact, one of the rare times a gun was used in a terror plot was back in 1985, this twa flight hijacked to beirut. It's not like terrorists are trying to get through with weapons. Reporter: Still with all that liquor and flaring of tempers on board today's jets, gun remain illegal and unwise. It's not just guns, everything from knives to swords to grenades this year. Brass knuckles are illegal to bring on a plane. If your weapon of choice is this walking stick or these ninja tools inside a book, the charges can be more serious. The airports with most guns confiscated? Atlanta and dallas. Screeners confiscate an average of five weapons a day. Late word, they confiscated another gun from ft. Myers. Now we move onto fire and ice across the country, from the tinder box of the big sur in

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{"id":21253755,"title":"More Weapons Found at the Airport, 37 Guns in 1 Week","duration":"3:00","description":"The number of guns confiscated at airports has skyrocketed, here's why.","url":"/WNT/video/weapons-found-airport-37-guns-week-21253755","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}