Weather Danger Zone: Midwest

Another round of tornadoes threatens millions in the Midwest.
2:45 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for Weather Danger Zone: Midwest
Severe weather threatening more than half the country tonight violent storms from Texas all the way to new England and this comes on the heels what has already been a turbulent 24 hours. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- is set to chase the storms Wichita Falls, Texas ginger. Get George we're here on the southern end of the storm zone already tornadoes reported just to -- -- in the panhandle of Texas as far north as Nebraska the winds have been gusting here out ahead of these severe storms to around. Forty miles per hour the atmosphere is ready for more severe weather tonight. Tonight skies are angry across the plains and midwest again look at this while surveillance video. The power of torrential rain driven floods busting through the doors at a college in Illinois. Five inches in just two dollars multiple security cameras caught the wall of water as it made its -- duke campus almost thirty tornadoes reported Tuesday this turning over the land in Bennington Kansas look at the upward motion. In Amarillo Texas power lines down from strong winds and tons of hail and in Western Pennsylvania. Cleanup after two EF one tornado it's. And then that monster in mid Michigan. Rated EF two it was one of six confirmed tornadoes in Michigan. Incurred rich actually -- hate fee is relieved her house was destroyed but her family is fine. I just threw -- government kids' heads and held. We're just praying for safety and it was over before I knew it I -- they're safe and that's -- me. They've been more than 1000 reports of severe weather in just the last week. More than 250 Tuesday but so far with this outbreak flooding and lightning have been the biggest killers. It's not a particularly Vieri captured these incredible moments as thunderstorms made their way over downtown Chicago. And backing Moore Oklahoma where 24 died last week they're still. Cleaning up I think it's coming our way and keeping an -- on the skies he try to -- -- now here we go again. So again let's focus in on who needs to be alert -- -- it is a large area in the -- specifically for those tornadoes from Nebraska down through Kansas Oklahoma and northern Texas. Now that severe weather area even includes parts of the northeast and tomorrow the severe storm -- -- -- all the way from North Dakota. -- the Texas open at least another 36 hours of violent weather -- A lot of people hunkering down tomato -- you thanks and one more weather note official word that the season's first hurricane has made landfall. Here's hurricane Barbara moving over southeastern Mexico. It's expected to turn north -- night packing winds near 75 miles an hour.

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{"id":19283127,"title":"Weather Danger Zone: Midwest","duration":"2:45","description":"Another round of tornadoes threatens millions in the Midwest.","url":"/WNT/video/weather-danger-zone-midwest-19283127","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}