Weather and the Election

A look at how the weather can change the candidates' strategies.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weather and the Election
There is another X-Factor in this election the weather and right now anti war rooms for President Obama governor Romney they're studying the skies. And what they see in the forecast we'll change strategy for the next make -- break 24 hours ABC Cecilia they get explains that. Full last minute phone calls for Mitt Romney -- are inherently higher -- car. And the eleventh hour door knocks for Barack Obama about it. After you what happens on Election Day just might up to a higher authority tomorrow -- much of the sunshine state the forecast calls for rain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No floor -- in Florida -- -- -- all we need to do is get our people. Out to -- -- and we will win the election. They may not be worried in this all important battleground. But in other hotly contested states that red and blue map. Could turn great and it turns out that might just be good news for Republicans. Researchers in Florida a -- past elections and found that for every inch of Election Day rain above normal. The Republican candidate received an extra two and a half percent of the votes. But first some of the hurdles to the ballot box are much bigger in some cities hit hard by super -- sandy their votes being emailed and -- did. -- new Jersey's governor urged those who can't make it to the -- let's go vote tomorrow. And go vote tomorrow. Rain or shine Cecilia Vega ABC news Tampa fla. And with thanks to Cecelia could I get asked when you want to know about the weather and Election Day that's our weather -- senior whether editors Sam Champion himself so what do you -- -- -- mind's -- I see the country looking really good weather wise for Election Day Diane we've got a -- to talk about not know we will the second but first. Look at this day because most countries so dry there's one trouble spot one big trouble spot -- the southeast it will be stormy in north Florida. For good early part of the -- -- some very heavy rain but that even that clears out in the afternoon a quick look at what's going on the western Great Lakes and particularly for Wisconsin there's a little snowy mix but it seems to be fairly light -- that area. Look at numbers like L 886 Denver at 69 Cincinnati at 46 degrees and mostly sunny skies those are some good. Solid voting conditions even in the northeast it's nice to. OK let's focus -- now on that storm damaged Florida getting ready to move up the -- what's -- -- -- to the -- people already trying to dig their way out of the super storm if this were before sandy we would just say -- here comes a regular old nor'easter forty mile per hour winds one to three inches -- rain along the coastlines and extra high -- but remember we lost those -- so we don't have the beach protection that water -- right and we've -- power outages and that -- areas -- -- power's back on -- more -- more rain is really -- -- an extra -- for those folks what's a little bit tougher. And just two regular nor'easter and it's coming up the coast and up in this region Wednesday night Thursday worst part -- time period for the Jersey -- and -- New York City in Connecticut it will be 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon to 3 AM Thursday morning. -- and thanks so much sense.

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{"id":17648762,"title":"Weather and the Election","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at how the weather can change the candidates' strategies.","url":"/WNT/video/weather-election-17648762","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}