Weather threats on both sides of the country

Wildfires continue to threaten California while Georgia reels from record-breaking snowfalls.
3:00 | 12/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weather threats on both sides of the country
And we begin with the threat on both sides of the country. Fire in the west and icy weather in the east. The new threat from the California wildfire in a moment. But first, the south reeling from the record-breaking snowfalls that had Georgia drivers navigating unplowed roads. Downed power lines from Mississippi to Maine. Thousands of customers in the dark. And icy roads causing accidents like this one. An SUV in Massachusetts ending up on its side. And the lake effect whiteout in Buffalo. The bills and colts nearly playing blind. And a big chill on the way for a huge stretch of the country. Rob Marciano starts us off. Reporter: Tonight, more than 100 million Americans feeling the effects of the winter blast. Lake effect snow falling from Indiana to New York. Thundersnow startling west Seneca. Three miles south, this scene. And the bills/colts game, snow falling up to two inches per hour. So thick at times, you could barely see the field. Indiana drivers dealing with whiteout conditions. Slick roads causing hundreds of crashes in the northeast this weekend. In Connecticut, a jackknifed tractor trailer slowing traffic to a crawl. This driver careen into an icy pond outside Boston, swimming to safety. Tonight, the south still reeling. Almost 300,000 without power. Trees are popping all over. You never know when one will pop near us. Reporter: Crews working to get everyone back online. We want to get them warm. Get their electricity back on. Reporter: But one major school district still in the dark and closed Monday. Rob, after all the snow, a big chill now on the way? Reporter: Yes, I-90 will be dicey, up to 20 inches in spots if not more is possible. Another clipper system coming through the great Lakes will bring cold air. Afternoon windchills, as warm as it will feel in Chicago, 8. 2 in Green Bay, 8 in Detroit. Wednesday, similar numbers from D.C. To Boston. Teens for afternoon windchill high temperatures. The coldest air of the season. Tom?

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{"id":51707386,"title":"Weather threats on both sides of the country","duration":"3:00","description":"Wildfires continue to threaten California while Georgia reels from record-breaking snowfalls.","url":"/WNT/video/weather-threats-sides-country-51707386","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}