Weather: Winter Out, Spring In?

Record-high temperatures across the U.S. could create unexpected costs.
2:25 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Weather: Winter Out, Spring In?
-- calendar says this is the last week of winter but for a large part of the country it feels like Memorial -- more than 230 records for high temperatures. Have been broken since Friday and more will fall as the week continues. The warm weather this -- is created an unexpected savings for millions of Americans but not all the news is good. Here's ABC's Sam Champion. The month of march is following the rest of the winter as one of the warmest ever on record for the nation. Just take a look at this. -- Chicago the average temperature in -- -- 45 degrees but today the windy city was at least twenty degrees warmer than that. And in Wichita which sees an average march high temperature at 57. Was over seventy. This is New York's Central Park last winter Wear a whopping 61 inches this snow fell making this warmth. Even more confusing by comparison and that's -- Central Park today. After only seven inches of snow all winter long. It's in the seventies and people are actually boating on the lake under the bridge. -- -- Why still warm blame it on something called Arctic oscillation. Frigid air -- up near the North Pole keeps the jet stream and the cold air. And usually far north near the -- -- the US is staying unseasonably warm. This may be good for the nation's economy by keeping -- costs down. This marks the first winter and a decade that Americans will spend less to heat their homes and businesses. Those who heat with natural gas are seeing a 13% savings in their heating bills over last year some home improvement stores are reporting booming sales of outdoor furniture. And roofing materials as early as February. But the oddly warm weather is tricking mother nature those cherry blossoms in the nation's capital which usually bloom in April -- out in full force. And so too are bugs most of them are normally dormant in March pork in the pest control company. Has seen a more than 40% increase in calls for ant infestations. Mosquitoes ticks termites -- lady bugs are also on the rise coming out of their winter hibernation early. Like the temperatures. At another fourteen at least fourteen record high temperature to that long list today and then -- and check this these are probably about a foot Heidi -- -- yells at this time of year there about a month early. They Smith -- fantastic but they're normally only about -- this time of year coming out of the ground.

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{"id":15906276,"title":"Weather: Winter Out, Spring In?","duration":"2:25","description":"Record-high temperatures across the U.S. could create unexpected costs.","url":"/WNT/video/weather-winter-spring-15906276","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}