Giant Panda Cub Dies at National Zoo

Zookeepers were alerted by cries of distress from the mother panda, Mei Xiang.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Giant Panda Cub Dies at National Zoo
The national zoo breaking the news on its FaceBook page announcing quote we are broken hearted to -- that we have lost our little giant and the cup. The cub born just a week ago has died and we know these newborn pandas are still fragile. It's been seven years since the national -- had success tonight what happened here's ABC's Reno nine and now. It was the wailing of distress from the mother panda may sign that alerted and keepers at the national zoo in Washington DC. The -- was in trouble. Just devastating this is devastating for all of us here it's it's it's hard to describe. How much passion and energy and thought and -- is gone into this. -- -- the panda habitat and how more after hearing the mother's cries this morning CPR was performed on the -- with numerous that. There were no signs of wounds or trauma and the cause of death. It's still unknown this was the first panda birth at the zoo in seven years getting pregnant wasn't easy. It involved artificial insemination tracking hormone levels for months. Using the latest reproductive technology. Everything down to how much artificial light she would get -- -- again and there was still only a 10% chance of success. They song had failed pregnancies before. This -- just a week old the sex not yet known keeping baby -- -- is a difficult process. While few actually survive this cub born at the San Diego Zoo on July 20 ninth is gaining weight almost five pounds now and -- and well. And experts stressed the first few weeks and months are critical. Here in Washington. -- my gosh -- all visitors are still surprised by today's death. It does it's -- you because you know you much remains to be healthy. Sitcom didn't have a name respecting the Chinese tradition to wait a hundred days after birth. Right now the focus is on the mother panda exhibit will be close we should learn more about the cause of death it about two weeks.

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{"id":17304736,"title":"Giant Panda Cub Dies at National Zoo","duration":"3:00","description":"Zookeepers were alerted by cries of distress from the mother panda, Mei Xiang.","url":"/WNT/video/week-giant-panda-cub-dies-national-zoo-17304736","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}