White House Blinks Amid Catholic Church Anger?

President under attack for requiring all employers to cover birth control.
2:12 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for White House Blinks Amid Catholic Church Anger?
Politics your voice your -- tonight voters in three states Minnesota Missouri Colorado left the country know which Republican they want to be -- -- nominate. Asked a day off fiery debate took center stage about women contraception. And a White House sort of that has the Catholic Church up -- arms ABC's Jake Tapper takes us inside the culture war tonight. It has become -- hot button issue on the Republican campaign trail there's been a lot of talk about the Obama administration's attack. On the Catholic Church a new Obama administration rule requires employers to provide full birth control coverage in their health insurance plans. Even if their religious organizations that oppose contraception remarkably. Under this president's administration. There as an assault on religion. An assault on the conviction. And the religious beliefs of members of our society and intense issue as the candidates compete for conservative votes lose freedom of conscience. It was followed at all it's. The first problem. The Obama administration announced the broad new rule quietly last month saying it would save lives we want to make sure that women have access to good health care. No matter where they work. A week later the -- aroused the ire of charities hospitals and universities run by many religious organizations. Especially the Catholic Church. Bishops -- letters of protest. Provoking a new culture war at places like Catholic university I don't know. Of another case in American -- where. The religious institution or religious individual. Has been forced to pay for an activity that he or she views as sinful. On campus today women whom this rule could in fact were divided in. I think it's a woman's rights ahead. Health care and -- a good thing. I think to ask that the Catholic institution to do something -- the church's perpetually -- is wrong it is simply wrong. Any Catholic diocese in university -- they can offer health care coverage at all. And Diane White House officials tell me this evening that they are open to the possibility of a compromise. This rule does not take full effect until August 2013.

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{"id":15534194,"title":"White House Blinks Amid Catholic Church Anger?","duration":"2:12","description":"President under attack for requiring all employers to cover birth control.","url":"/WNT/video/white-house-blinks-amid-catholic-church-anger-15534194","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}