White House Shooting: How Security Responded

Police arrest man suspected of firing a gun at the White House.
1:15 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House Shooting: How Security Responded
This is the scene at the White House where they are saying the hidden security system was put to the test. And it worked it all happened after someone shot an eight K 47. From outside the gates of the bullet lodged in the bullet proof glass. There was a dramatic -- late today the unlikely hero of this story and eagle eyed clerk at an economy hotel. And ABC's senior Justice Department correspondent Pierre Thomas has been tracking the story for us all day. He's there at the White House right now Pierre. -- has been nearly two decades since -- was shot at the White House so you can imagine it's been a tense few days. 9 o'clock Friday night police raced to the Washington mall where shots have just been trying. The discover an abandoned car with they find inside leaves them deeply concerned and assault style rifle and if he still cases. Police linked the -- to -- Oscar Ortega Hernandez a drifter from Idaho with a history of arrests. The manhunt begins the -- were part somewhere along this busy stretch of constitution avenue. With a clear view some 800 yards to the White House. Police found two bullets that struck the south side of the mansion one of them slamming into -- window. And that's -- of the house to Lincoln bedroom and the stately private balcony with the first family can look out over the mall. Police have not yet connected the bullets definitively to Friday's shooting but they believe they are. The president was not at home and officials say no when inside was ever in danger. Security has come a long way from the days of president Jackson's inauguration when drunken revelers were able to climb to the White House windows. Today the White House has motion sensors on the grounds snipers on the roof. Blast resistant walls and bulletproof windows which is why that bullet did not get inside. And there are other security measures kept secret. In 1994 President Clinton was inside the White House -- it was sprayed with bullets. That incident helped lead to the closing of Pennsylvania Avenue. -- Hernandez was caught today because a Secret Service distributed with picture nationwide. And a clerk at the Hampton inn in Indiana Pennsylvania recognized. -- -- Hernandez. Was apprehended. Have -- Hampton -- and white parents -- approximately 1220 this afternoon. Everyone's happy that no one got hurt. But Diane it was an extremely dangerous situation.

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{"id":14968757,"title":"White House Shooting: How Security Responded","duration":"1:15","description":"Police arrest man suspected of firing a gun at the White House.","url":"/WNT/video/white-house-shooting-security-responded-14968757","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}