White Out: Massive Snowstorm Hits 22 States With the Coldest Temps in Two Decades

Zero visibility makes it hard to travel on roads and more than 6,000 flights are cancelled.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White Out: Massive Snowstorm Hits 22 States With the Coldest Temps in Two Decades
-- starts with a massive winter storm blanketing almost half of this country. In some places in the continental United States they are colder than the North Pole. And other parts of the country it's -- drivers urged off the roads 100 million Americans. Hunkering down tonight and our extreme weather team is out in force -- right there in the snow drift we begin with ABC's -- Benitez. In Chicago where this piling up GO. It sure is Diane good evening to you from a snowy Chicago led. It's just getting colder and colder twelve degrees right here right now it feels like to below zero and this stuff isn't just fluffy it is downright relentless. Blaring sirens in Evanston Illinois. Alerting residents to listen -- -- Chicago why go up to eighteen inches of fresh snow in places. The midwest is -- blowing snowing deep freeze officials to sounding a warning. We ask that residents check on the well being of residents friends and neighbors. The city's full fleet of 287. Snowplows and -- -- dominate the streets. Snow -- and nearby Rosemont out in force to looking like. Choreographed now lives. Drivers operating on the into. Week let's. Would again have -- use -- and we'll go. That's what we -- Do -- -- build up or rubber bullet. -- -- knows that clearing the snow from his house over and over again. Four times within the past 24 hours all the little lesson -- for a fifth wolf. The snowy -- also causing chaos in the year. More than 19100 cancellations across the US as holiday travelers try to get whom. -- -- -- working overtime more than 500 accidents reported in Michigan. Icy roads all the way to Tennessee and even the mountains of North Carolina. This car flipped on its side on roads that look like Lance. International Falls, Minnesota that -- side. Forty below zero. An opportunity to show the power of the cold Temps this thing went from -- to frozen solid. In a cast Iron Man in just five minutes. And in Wichita park -- perhaps America's most dedicated worker. Gathering shopping carts in blustery sub zero wind. And you know that chemical salt used to melt snow and ice well it turns out an attempt drawers below twenty degrees that's pretty. Useless and let one guy who may need -- tonight as ABC's Ron Claiborn he's live outside Boston tonight. Ron good evening to you. They feel I'm -- -- -- that Massachusetts south. You know. Where you are there on the bed where it could get even more here as that storm took -- -- -- experience jointly both of them coming up in the south. -- very potent nor'easter -- the northeast. It started with a light -- coating the northeast. And then it came roaring him. Powerful nor'easter that pounded the northeast. All the way up to Maine and bar in -- in the Boston area traffic ground almost to a halt on many major highways. And everywhere roads were littered with accidents and spin -- A pickup truck flipped onto its side in -- A semi beached on a highway median in this photo pleaded by the Massachusetts state police. -- Massachusetts state police car victim of a fender Bender. In Boston a snow emergency was ineffective schools -- street parking bans government workers sent home early. In New York City the heavy snow wasn't due to strike till much later don't panic everything will be fine. You'll make it the storm as a kind of tale of two cities and two mayors. Boston's Tom Menino for days from leaving office after twenty years I guess -- that you wanna give me one more gift. The snowstorm and New York city's building -- -- in office for just his second. Then it would have been nice to have a nice -- first day but we have the snow on our mind -- we are focused like a laser. Also on the mind of the New York officials avoiding a repeat of last year's February blizzard which -- motorists stranded on -- -- Late today New York's governor declaring a statewide emergency and banning all traffic on three major interstates near New York City. Effective at midnight. It's -- -- -- -- -- nor is -- this area from south of Boston including all of Cape -- this area expect to get. At least fifteen. It is -- -- for the -- -- sometimes a Friday late morning about this the first time and of -- 12 punch that second punch it's going to be temperatures plunking down Diane and to -- single a minus visit. Very close we are doing -- come up we can tell how frigid Ines thank you Ron Claiborne and thank you GO as well.

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{"id":21405338,"title":"White Out: Massive Snowstorm Hits 22 States With the Coldest Temps in Two Decades","duration":"3:00","description":"Zero visibility makes it hard to travel on roads and more than 6,000 flights are cancelled.","url":"/WNT/video/white-massive-snowstorm-hits-22-states-coldest-temps-21405338","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}