Houston Funeral Plans

Late singer's family will hold a private ceremony; investigation continues.
2:17 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Houston Funeral Plans
We know more about the plans for Whitney Houston's funeral a dramatic contrast to the ceremony for another giant musical star Michael Jackson. -- Whitney Houston a private ceremony as her family says they have already shared her enough with the world. ABC's senior national correspondent Jim model has the latest. Room for 34 at the Beverly Hilton hotel is out of service indefinitely. Security not allowing sightseers in the fourth floor where Whitney Houston died news. There is Oltmanns and the sweet evidence fully gathered is close to guess. Outside a memorial to the troubled singer visited by loyal fans and music royalty. That's Paul McCartney quietly laying yellow roses and softly blowing the kids -- signed a police -- quarter investigators here. As they wait for toxicology results to determine if the small about a prescription drugs and alcohol ABC news has learned were found in her room. Had anything to do with Whitney Houston's death. Not all. Newark, New Jersey today found -- this may be as close as they get to Saturday's memorial service. Houston's family led by a matriarch Sissy who welcomed her daughter's body home last night it arrived in the -- -- -- -- fans today through the funeral director there is no room for them. They're proud they have -- But there is -- State there were the funeral will be by invitation only at the church for Whitney -- saying gospel music as a child. -- -- -- -- Among those expected to be invited Whitney Houston's godmother Aretha Franklin. Who's saying their own tribute in Charlotte last night. All I. -- -- -- And here in California there is late word from the coroner's office which says that their investigation will indeed include asking her doctors for her medical records and also asking those doctors about the drugs -- prescribed. Whitney Houston.

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{"id":15606227,"title":"Houston Funeral Plans","duration":"2:17","description":"Late singer's family will hold a private ceremony; investigation continues.","url":"/WNT/video/whitney-houston-funeral-plans-15606227","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}