Whitney Houston: Life and Times of a Legend

"World News" looks back at the highs and lows of the singer's career.
5:51 | 02/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston: Life and Times of a Legend
Being. -- She do. It's -- -- like so many -- greatest voice of her generation. Leave between Houston sound was -- -- all. -- -- All coming from that little girl who Begin singing her mother's church in Newark, New Jersey. Music was in her blood the -- of gospel singer -- Houston her cousin Dion Warwick. Her godmother Aretha Franklin and -- famous music producer Clive Davis first herb Whitney. He once told ABC to hear this young girl breathe such fire into song. It's at the proverbial tingles up my spine. Crews perform for the -- written for just nineteen. Her debut album in 1985. In 1987 per album with. 170 million albums and singles sold worldwide she -- store in the movies too including the body guard and that. One note. Send shivers sent that song -- number 13 grammys that you alone. Her marriage to singer Bobby Brown would -- cherished daughter. But it would also bring those headlines the tumult -- -- -- -- -- It seems so effortless he Begin to -- damaged by drugs. -- in a rare and candid sit down Diane -- asked about it and the silent struggles taking their goal. -- had to name the devil. For you the biggest -- among them. I would be me. Only makes you do anything -- don't want to do. It's my decision. The biggest -- -- me coming and even my best and an analyst enemy. But it was just two years ago Whitney Houston with the new album and new hope -- come back. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I mean yeah. Hope to fans who struggles have been com news that I didn't. -- -- -- I -- to use some powerful words and that song on her final album Whitney Houston seemed so determined to overcome her struggles she was brave and honest when she sat down with Diane back in 2002. -- asking Houston about those struggles and if the singer herself. Was worried. -- a Grand Slam party. But there have been times when I know I haven't Glink who line and emotional -- My eating habits. Whitney -- crack rehab fails. First of all let's -- went straight. -- -- -- I need to its needs -- Let's keep that straight king. You do crack. We do that. Crack is whack. Is that alcohol. Is -- marijuana. Or cocaine is -- pills. It is -- -- Time all. Times. How -- did you get it. -- -- When they -- they I've done I didn't change my mind. -- changed my mind. Can't because I didn't wanna look you can rest of them. -- wanna be -- him. Frightened me. Do you think you came close. I think his -- in learning as -- can -- -- of both the income growth there. That's -- -- -- could be how sure are you. That those. Bad days you talked. -- behind. Tiny island. Among them. Was in back home its content here. I can't tell you can't be perfect union and interest average -- says it's day by day. Today -- yeah yeah yeah. But now do you say not at all I can say I think I'm going to these acts. Can tell you that. And that's that's -- his. The person who wants to die. A person who has life and wants to live. So powerful to hear those words all these years later Whitney Houston but Diane in 2002 a want to bring in. Doctor Richard Lester tonight because -- remember we were all celebrating her comeback just couple of years ago on that Good Morning America stage in Central Park. Diane -- forever since that interview if they're dancing with Robin to. But when you -- vote. -- all different kinds of that hotel -- we don't know what happened in the hotel room. It just sort of a red flag for -- reported on what can happen for a prescription drug permit states making every drug has side effects but when you combine drugs. This side effects are magnified so that's one of the things are gonna look at it that something that played a role here and Whitney Houston was so brave and acknowledging her her struggle with substance abuse and this is not uncommon. You know people away from the spotlight just how difficult it is -- it is to break the cycle what you see recovery and -- even when you have friends -- Family here to support -- so that's not an uncommon situation.

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{"id":15570150,"title":"Whitney Houston: Life and Times of a Legend","duration":"5:51","description":"\"World News\" looks back at the highs and lows of the singer's career. ","url":"/WNT/video/whitney-houston-life-times-legend-highs-lows-career-dies-age-48-music-legend-entertainment-15570150","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}