'Widespread' flu activity reported in 46 states

Nearly every state in the country has reported an increase in the flu as emergency rooms expand and become over-crowded.
3:00 | 01/08/18

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Transcript for 'Widespread' flu activity reported in 46 states
The growing flew danger now 46 states reporting widespread activity he ours in some places packed to overflowing. Even ten senate to handle the sick here's ABC's Morse Gonzales with the new health concern. Tonight emergency rooms expanding. Overcrowded. This flu season spiking early and striking hard at the take a look at this nearly every state in the country reporting widespread flu activity diet had been sick for I've gotten is now. And it got worse here in California at the outbreak deadly seven year old Cisco gowns as died Thursday from complications from the virus never. Expecting him he was very happy. According to state health officials 27 people younger than the age of 65 have died from the virus so far this season compared to poor last season continues I would say the worst flu season and I've seen nationwide there are already more than 41000. Cases confirmed more than twice as many at this time last year some pharmacies now running out of the anti viral Taylor flew. And every day the ER here at UCLA Santa Monica is treating dozens more impatient than last year. Among them thirteen month old Leon. His mother says she lost a son the scene eight the complications from the flu 2015. To sheik is closely monitoring Williams symptoms than I think any changes I don't. Hear what. You know what from me thing I've taken to doctor the head of this ER shearing this advice if. If you grip resists and you're not able to control your weak and he figured are able to keep foods down. The new Prague to me to be evaluated. And doctors say it is not too late to get the flu shot while health officials say it's only about 30% effective against the most powerful strain. It can help reduce the severity of symptoms. Tom what's he Gonzales first Marcy think.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nearly every state in the country has reported an increase in the flu as emergency rooms expand and become over-crowded.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52198815","title":"'Widespread' flu activity reported in 46 states","url":"/WNT/video/widespread-flu-activity-reported-46-states-52198815"}