Wikipedia Blackout: Online Piracy Grows

Google, Wikipedia black themselves out in protest over piracy crackdown.
1:43 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wikipedia Blackout: Online Piracy Grows
You may have noticed today if you happen to go to Google or Wikipedia the popular web sites were blacked out in protest over proposed new crackdown on the Internet. Walked and why we SK ABC's David Wright to find a whiz kid who can show us. -- familiar name was blacked out on Wikipedia this is what popped up. Thousands of web sites from Craig's list wired taking part in the first ever digital strike. A one day protest against bills aimed at stopping online piracy. The tech mean -- woken up and realized you know put a big problem these laws could -- it's become a massive fight between Silicon Valley and the Hollywood studio. Hollywood studios like our parent company Disney. Want to make it harder for people to access copyrighted material online people stealing off shore criminals are stealing American jobs and contact. Internet companies say the proposed new laws go about it the wrong away. This is a giant game of whack them all the technology will always move faster than a lot and if people really want their -- illegally that badly -- find a way. So how easy is it to find copyrighted movies and other content online. We're gonna turn into an expert fifteen year old Sasha Metallica -- -- ninth grade will. And we're well essentially task can you find Mission Impossible. I'm movie theaters now went -- A it took him less than thirty seconds to fly dozens of offshore sites. And -- this one finding a way to stop that that will please everyone. May well be -- Mission Impossible. David Wright ABC news references.

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{"id":15389672,"title":"Wikipedia Blackout: Online Piracy Grows","duration":"1:43","description":"Google, Wikipedia black themselves out in protest over piracy crackdown.","url":"/WNT/video/wikipedia-blackout-online-piracy-grows-15389672","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}