Wild Weekend Weather

New York City is cleaning up from a pair of rare tornadoes.
3:00 | 09/09/12

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Transcript for Wild Weekend Weather
And we begin here with those images from right here in new york city this weekend, tens of millions come to visit the sites every year but this you rarely see, not one, but two tornados this weekend. Tonight the cleanup is under way as many ask, what's going on? And look at this, the images of the cleanup in brooklyn, new york, and from queens, the tornadoes touching down minutes apart, and you hear about the warnings in tornado alley. Some new yorkers actually got warnings on their cell phones from their phone company. Not very common that it happens here, so tonight ginger zee with the images, the science and forecast for the week ahead. Oh, my god, look at the tornado. Reporter: Not only is that a tornado, but it's a tornado in new york city. One of two that ripped through queens and brooklyn. The first, born around 11:00 a.M. On the water then hitting land slicing through the beach community of queens with 70-mile-per-hour winds. Cabana roofs were ripped off, and debris went flying everywhere. Just 15 seconds of intense wind, white noise, things crashing all around me. Reporter: Seven minutes later, the same storm formed a new tornado packing winds up to 100 miles per hour whipping through brooklyn. Holy . That's a tornado. Reporter: Today while erasing the evidence, it was still hard to grasp what had hit them. Now is the cleanup. I started early this morning. I'm almost done, but thank god we're okay. Reporter:13 other states from south carolina to maine were rocked by damaging winds. Some of the hardest hit, the nation's capital, more than 200,000 customers reported power outages. And ginger is with us now on the desk. And you were saying so rare. Since 1950. Only 14. 14. Including the 2 yesterday so 12 before this weekend. So many families headed back to work. Kids back to school. Do we finally get a break from the summer of severe weather? In the northeast we do. Much more pleasant temperatures. The dew points will feel much more like fall.

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{"id":17197466,"title":"Wild Weekend Weather","duration":"3:00","description":"New York City is cleaning up from a pair of rare tornadoes.","url":"/WNT/video/wild-weekend-weather-17197466","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}