Wildfires Rage in the West

Smoke from the fires forces residents to wear protective masks.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Wildfires Rage in the West
Those raging wildfires across the west tonight the biggest fire spreading huge plumes of choking smoke hundreds of miles as you could see right there the spoken even be seen from satellites. And seems like this one are now so common a mother her four children and Washington State wearing protective masks told they don't have to evacuate. But we us tonight what then are they breathing in. Here's ABC's Clinton -- -- Where -- where there -- areas smoke a lot of it. At least 36 large fires are burning in nine states the worst in central Washington where thousands of firefighters have been battling for weeks to save -- and towns. -- case fills the air. And a hassle to evacuate and it's stressful and my have a nine year old who still has posttraumatic stress from the first buyer. Across the Pacific northwest unhealthy smoke is forcing people Wear masks they were handing them out in schools in east Wenatchee Washington. Today there are air -- warnings across three states stretching from Washington parts of Oregon and Idaho. The biggest health threat comes from tiny particles in smoke that cause burning eyes runny nose even bronchitis. For people with serious lung and heart disease even death I have asthma my wife has. Related issues and it's pretty bad sometimes smoke from Washington and other western states is even affecting air quality in places as far away as Colorado he. The last chronic lung conditions that extra sensitive groups he always advise them and I data over exert yourself are. Spend extended -- -- time outside. Some of the smoke is rising so high powerful upper atmospheric winds are carrying it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and as far as Greenland. That smoke has now even settled here in Denver where normally you can clearly see the Rocky Mountains from here but tonight that unhealthy -- David. Is ruining the view. You could see the -- there behind Clayton sand dollar thanks to him I want to bring in meteorologist in Jersey tonight because the big question for all these families is how long -- they gonna have to breathe in the smoke at least the first half of the week look at all the air quality alert at that yellow color is he in the state of Washington Oregon Idaho and more. All of the wind speeds go down that's good for fire development and spreading. Bad for smoke and haze that settled into the valley for everybody -- holds the smoking in the other whether headlined as we can we ushered in fall SI NG me this morning -- temperatures already fall like. First full official day of fall -- will it feel like it -- did today and it will tomorrow look at all the frost advisories fifteen states that covers 33 in green banks we're talking freezing in some spots. And it's going to stick with us high temperature wise to Detroit mid sixties tomorrow Washington DC starts their week at seventy or Elena -- -- -- -- by the end the week.

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{"id":17304372,"title":"Wildfires Rage in the West","duration":"3:00","description":"Smoke from the fires forces residents to wear protective masks.","url":"/WNT/video/wildfires-rage-west-causing-dangerous-smoke-spread-17304372","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}