Willie Nelson on the Road and Number 1 Again

After a lifetime of touring, at 81 this music icon just landed another number one album.
2:49 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for Willie Nelson on the Road and Number 1 Again
Willie Nelson who has spent more than sixty years on the road and you can hear it in his music CNN his -- And that 81 he landed another number one new album. ABC's John Donvan now catches up with person of the week. My. And long long time. You don't know this face but the voice and the song back in 1965 called funny how time slips away. Well -- updating some well hello -- and. -- has been a long long long time. It's Willie Nelson will just put on some years is all I don't think -- change that much. -- may look a little different but I still feel pretty much the same way. His latest album band of Brothers hit number one when he came out just a few weeks ago. His latest black belt in Kong -- he earned only three months ago he clocks -- -- 135 shows a year and to being you know. More than 200 nights on the road on this bus and took home -- -- -- hand. So what -- Willie Nelson is 81 years old music he says is what keeps him living. I'm grandmother my -- my mother on everybody from musicians so I didn't really feel exceptional. I felt like I could you know get along and you are -- -- in his own hot in my. The truth is you endure long enough and stayed original long enough for our people soon start using the high -- devout -- -- -- His favorite song would probably be crazy because there were the first ones that I had it did real well. A song a Patsy -- made famous in the early sixties was a Willie Nelson composition. Praying singing -- Crazy in love -- News and loan B. -- -- -- yeah. Crazy thought -- so alone. Crazy. I'm crazy for -- soul -- He's had ups like eleven grammys he's had -- like getting -- -- from the IRS for sixteen million dollars that he didn't have. Which is the good thing about being able to sing for -- -- he went out and herded back and heated up. As for regrets wouldn't -- -- saying things when real -- there's nothing I can do what happened last year yesterday phenomenon I knew about tomorrow but right now everything. So yeah. --

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{"id":24531473,"title":"Willie Nelson on the Road and Number 1 Again","duration":"2:49","description":"After a lifetime of touring, at 81 this music icon just landed another number one album.","url":"/WNT/video/willie-nelson-road-number-24531473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}