Two Unlikely Winners at the Olympic Games

"Un-Dude" David Wise takes gold skiing half pipe, and rookie Alex Deibold wins bronze in snowboard cross.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two Unlikely Winners at the Olympic Games
And tonight, the united States has another olympic champion. The rookies dominate. ABC's Matt Gutman is there. Reporter: You'd never think a guy who rips these death defying tricks for a living, here at the X games, is a youth pastor who met his wife at church camp. But in this world, David wise is a rebel. But tonight, the undude is a gold medal champion, dominating at ski half pipe, a sport never before seen in olympic competition. They don't so much ski the pipe. But fly over it. Two skis faster than a snowboard. Enabling them to go so high. Watch again. They fly so high, more than 24 feet above the top of the pipe, almost five stories above the wise joins a growing American group of rookie olympians medaling in their very first games, new superstars shining while legends like Shaun white and Shani Davis flame out. The new faces winning 10 of America's 17 individual medals, all in outdoor events. The good news is the slushy conditions are gone. There is a fresh layer of powder. The visibility is poor. Lumpy snow wasn't enough to keep rookie Alex Diebold from a bronze in snowboard cross today, four years ago, he was a grunt working for other snowboarders. I was the wax tech for the for the U.S. Snowboard U.S. Snowboard team in 2010. So I got to go to Vancouver and experience the olympics from behind the scenes. Reporter: Diebold dedicated his medal to the late brother of skier bode miller, a superstar still hoping for his first gold in these games. I spoke to bode miller today. He said competing on that snow is like skiing on ball bearings. Those conditions leaving so much to chanss. The time of day, the order of competition and all that uncertainty, leaving golden opportunities for the upstarts we mentioned.

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{"id":22573329,"title":"Two Unlikely Winners at the Olympic Games","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Un-Dude\" David Wise takes gold skiing half pipe, and rookie Alex Deibold wins bronze in snowboard cross.","url":"/WNT/video/winners-olympic-games-22573329","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}