Winners of the Record-Breaking Lottery Jackpot

Three towns across America had winners sharing $1.5 billion.
2:23 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Winners of the Record-Breaking Lottery Jackpot
All hoping to win we are all still here tonight but our cameras are in three separate towns across the country three tickets at one the whole thing. Were they individuals were they groups those three tickets will now share the one point six billion dollars. There were other winners to lesser prizes still millions though including a group of teachers who talked was late today racing to pick up their check. ABC's Steve Olson Sami in Tennessee where one of the big tickets was sold. Suburban mall Santa. Eastern coast to score small town western Tennessee the rumors are flying to I think it would be someone. The man. Now and moral record jackpot at this hour not one of the three winners has come forward to claim their share of the largest US jackpot ever. That didn't stop thousands of papers from crowded of 7-Eleven in Chino, California. Just in case the new multi millionaire showed up high. But I. Instead they found the store's own and today received a million of his own for selling the winning ticket. Is that led no opportunities. So did anybody come and duke Miller Steve good news. Each of those hot little pieces of paper is worth 528800000. Dollars most winners take the cash payout which is now 327. Million. An 835000. Before taxes. This week's winners are especially lucky all three tickets were sold in states that don't tax lottery winnings or have no state income tax. North of Memphis the winning ticket was sold in a small town with one stoplight and fewer than 6000 people Dana Neifi owns the mom and pop grocery store that sold it. My gut tells me saying local parson the heads most of our lottery customers are local people in Melbourne Florida this is the chaos outside the home. For the family who swears they didn't win but word on the street is that they did. For most of the day they could even get out of the house in at least 26 states there were plenty of consolation prizes million dollar in two million dollar winners. Who matched five out of six numbers. Including a group of preschool teachers in Kentucky who rushed to collect their check some who still O student loans more than eighty tickets were million dollar winners or second place as you might say all of the big winners. Live in states where they have to be identified. David Wright life's gonna change for the.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Three towns across America had winners sharing $1.5 billion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36303884","title":"Winners of the Record-Breaking Lottery Jackpot","url":"/WNT/video/winners-record-breaking-lottery-jackpot-36303884"}