Winter in Sight? Cold Snap Shatters Record

Temperatures plummet from coast to coast.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter in Sight? Cold Snap Shatters Record
And now to the weather whiplash around the country. In a 24-hour period more than half the country has traded flip-flops for snow boots. Or t-shirts for sweaters. Temperatures plummeting so fast records are shattering from coast to coast. So what is the consequence of this and what does it mean for the winter ahead? Abc's weather editor sam champion tells us. Reporter: After suffering through the third hottest summer on record, a quick turnaround. A preseason blast of cold air bringing snow in early october from the rockies to new england. In vermont last week, tourists were enjoying fall foliage. Today, the red and gold is blanketed with white. Ushering in the snow are record lows. More than half the country is experiencing serious cold. 31 states punched to below freezing this morning with 643 record low temperatures in the past week. In minnesota, the wild mountain ski area had its earliest Everything lined up just right and it cleared up last night and it was dry, the wind was perfect and it just wall worked out. Reporter: For the first time in early october, temperatures had been low enough to make snow. What did you do last weekend? I was waterskiing. Reporter: You were waterskiing on the water last weekend. Yeah. Reporter: This weekend you are? Snowboarding. Reporter: Is that kind of nuts in a week you can do that. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. Reporter: Just two weeks ago in minnesota, residents were battling record heat and wildfires. Yesterday more than a fooof snow fell canceling schools and causing power outages. Indeed a quick change. This first big push is not over. Let me show you tonight's low temperatures expected. Below normal in denver all the way south into new orleans. Again and pretty much the same area you woke up with this morning from washington to new york to boston. You'll wake up again tomorrow morning. Now, we believe there will be subtle change but more cold air waiting to come down. It was quick and does it necessarily mean anything for the winter ahead? First push is not an indicator for the rest of the season and you know I'm not a big fan of long-range forecasters but we are getting better at figuring out what the world trends will be predicting a long drought and we think a return to snow and winter weather on the east coast this winter.

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{"id":17428067,"title":"Winter in Sight? Cold Snap Shatters Record","duration":"3:00","description":"Temperatures plummet from coast to coast.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-sight-cold-snap-shatters-record-17428067","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}