The Winter of Snow, Ice and Discontent

Get ready for one more sucker punch from old man winter as people are fed up and ready for spring.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for The Winter of Snow, Ice and Discontent
And back home millions of Americans suffering through the winter of discontent as Shakespeare who have said. Now another storm descending, ABC's Alex Perez on the mounting danger on the ground and on your roof. . Reporter: Tonight a new storm pounding the midwest with snow and howling winds. In Minneapolis, plows working nonstop. I'm ready to move. Reporter: Des Moines, whiteout conditions. In Chicago, thundersnow. Snow already so high, it's like zigzagging through an obstacle course. Everywhere you look there's massive icicles. How crazy is this? I've never seen anything like it. Reporter: It also has roof repair crews stretched thin as they work to melt home wrecking ice dams formed when the heat from the inside warms and creates extensive problems. Reporter: When you see the huge icicles what does that mean? Water will get in the house and start damaging the house. Tens of thousand of dollars? Tens of thousands of floors, floor, ceiling, electrical. Reporter: And in some areas, the ground is frozen 20 inches below the surface meaning even when the snow melts the ground can't absorb the water from massive mountains. And in some areas there's so much snow piling up they can't plow it out. In many cases they're using huge trucks to haul it out to empty parking lots. The big concern now, flooding and the warmup expected later this week. All right, Alex, and ABC's meteorologist zing R ginger zee with the record and countdown to relief. Diane, if it feels it's been the worst winter ever, in some places it has. Look at Chicago, the third snowiest and sighed for the most sub-zero days on record and Indianapolis, their snowiest season on record. Detroit, a little both of fifth snowiest and sixth coldest. All of those ranking, here in New York City, eighth snowiest. And more to come. Tomorrow morning it happens. We'll have a messy commute from eastern Pennsylvania to Connecticut into parts of Massachusetts. And some number, 2 to 4 inches overall, six-plus in pink there. It's all part of the pattern we're struck on. The jet stream. The snow and cold to the east. The jet stream buckles enough to give mid-atlantic and southern northeast a little break. When it comes to spring, we're all counting down and now the number is 29 days. 29 days until the spring eek

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{"id":22557383,"title":"The Winter of Snow, Ice and Discontent","duration":"3:00","description":"Get ready for one more sucker punch from old man winter as people are fed up and ready for spring.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-snow-ice-discontent-22557383","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}