Winter Storm Alert: Cold Temperatures and Heavy Snowfall

Snow storm expected to blanket parts of the United States.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Storm Alert: Cold Temperatures and Heavy Snowfall
American families heading to this weekend 110. Million of us. Are bracing for another round of snow sleet and ice look from Missouri to Massachusetts. Every state and major city will get hit. The storm passed stretching more than 1000 miles and ABC's ginger -- tracking at all. From -- Michigan to Western New York. The roads barely visible. Slow down I was only doing Vivian give our best in me big time when they -- -- -- She was part of a forty car pileup in the speaking county Michigan. And in upstate New York. Blinding bands of lake effect snow dropping just inches in some towns and more than four feet in others are rob Nelson is there. Here and lines fall New York -- -- overnight and half the day now almost two feet of snow on the ground. Then we had and drive just six miles south. Six miles and you get another two feet of snow and now we're here in downtown constable bill you can see just how deep the -- -- all -- my guys watch how fast it covers this car in Lockport New York. One hour later smother. Right now more than half our nation is covered in -- this time last year it was only 27%. And tonight more is. On the way. So -- lake -- had nothing to do with this now that is now falling in parts of Illinois and it will speed overnight to the southern Great Lakes into the northeast let me say the snow totals just printed out by one of the computer models. Now take as you look some of the areas just south and east of Chicago could pick up close to -- half but but Chicago itself doesn't look like it's gonna get a whole lot in -- -- the northeast places like New York City start as snow late tomorrow morning. And then by the evening changeover to rain and that's what's gonna -- -- those totals but you go inland and abstaining -- also interior New England Diane. We could be -- and over a flight. All of us now coming as it's just twelve days until Christmas as you know ginger thank you.

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{"id":21216178,"title":"Winter Storm Alert: Cold Temperatures and Heavy Snowfall","duration":"3:00","description":"Snow storm expected to blanket parts of the United States.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-alert-cold-temperatures-heavy-snowfall-21216178","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}