New Winter Storm Picks Up Speed

Winter watches and warnings are in effect in 19 states.
1:38 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for New Winter Storm Picks Up Speed
in the heartland, with the month of march barrelling in like a lion, look at the map. From montana to virginia, 19 states under winter watches and warnings. Two bracing for blizzards. And the huge storm their call an alberta clipper is picking up speed as wed into this night. Abc's ginger zee is in the storm zone in minnesota. Reporter: It's march madness on the roads in minneapolis. Persistent plowing in north dakota. Tonight, a storm targets the twin cities, then joins forces with another storm from the south. Chicago gets it, tuesday into wednesday and the mid-atlantic, wednesday into thursday. It's been a winter full of snowy headlines. Blowing snow is really the problem here. We were there when the blizzard blitzed des moines. I was goggled up in boston. Heard thunder snow in topetopeka. And covered up in kansas city, twice. Epic images. From more than three feet in connecticut, hundreds held hostage on that long island highway. Collapsed in oklahoma. Buildings crushed under the weight of two snows in kansas city. But it hasn't all been where you'd expect it. Amarillo has had almost 30 inches, more than double their average, versus a typically snowier chicago who has barely topped 20. Now, time to make up for old man wint winter's shortcomings. A reminder that spring isn't here yet. Let's look at how much snow i going to fall. Here in minneapolis, 6 to 10. Chicago will get it. 6 to 10 with locally 12. D.C. Looking for more than a half foot, especially west. Some places there more than a foot. And I'm concdiane, about wind battering the east coast by the end of the week. Really big one. Thank you, ginger.

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{"id":18652046,"title":"New Winter Storm Picks Up Speed","duration":"1:38","description":"Winter watches and warnings are in effect in 19 states.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-picks-speed-18652046","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}