Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on East Coast

High winds and icy roads make for dangerous driving conditions.
3:32 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on East Coast
And if you want to see how big this massive snowstorm is tonight, there it is, on the east coast. The storm as seen from space. And this is the sloppy mess it is causing on the ground. Not to mention all the wind and the heavy, wet snow. Our extreme weather team is tracking the storm and abc's ginger zee starts us off right now. Ginger? Reporter: Diane, virginia has declared a state of emergency. And one of the big reasons, see this tree across this road? Well, heavy, sweat swet snow took it down. That is just one of the threats millions of americans are dealing with tonight. Tonight, winds are howling along the east coast. Low-lying areas in new jersey already under water now under voluntary evacuation. That area still raw from hurricane sandy, now scrambling to protect the fragile coastline from this storm's driving rain, surge and winds. W abc's phillippof lipof. The ocean, by the way, is getting closer. Reporter: Wind so strong in maryland, this semi teetered on the edge of a bridge. In north carolina, real life bumper cars on an icy mountain road. The federal government shut down. More than 200 accidents so far, as we make our way through the storm. So, we just had to get off the highway because there's a jackknifed semi. We're going to have to go around it. The roads deteriorating. Every once in awhile, you can hear a tree crack or pop in the woods. The weight of the snow, so heavy. Imagine what that's doing to power lines. 250,000 power outages and at least one person is dead. This snow is thick and it is heavy. So hazardous and the storm isn't done yet. We keep saying that the snow is wet and heavy. Well, we wanted to give you an idea how heavy this is. So, I know what I weigh and -- this amends almost ten pounds. To give you some perspective, that is more than a gallon of milk. Diane? Thank you so much, ginger. And, as you said, it is not over yet. Let's turn next to abc's weather editor, sam champion. Sam? Reporter: Hey, diane. Yeah, what ginger just showed you, we have been watching that storm move from minneapolis, all the way to washington, d.C., As a garden variety, but heavy snowstorm. Now, that low has stepped offshore. It is cranking up to be a major nor'easter. A two-day wefter event for all points north of washington, d.C., Ing the jersey shore, new york city, all the way into boston. Watch this low pull just off the coastline and know it is pushing very strong winds, a little bit of extra snow, a lot of rain along the shoreline, but the wind and the water in coastal areas may be more damaging than anything else with this storm. Let's show you the snowfall that will fall with this storm. We do believe there will be in some places like 2 to 4 inches of snow in the new york city area. 2 to 4 in boston. Just west of boston, we feel like a heavier hit of snow. And there will be a final blow of this storm friday morning to deliver some of the biggest snow in northeastern new england. Let's talk a little bit about this wind field. This may be the most damaging. If you look at the red arrows, you see those, 30 to 50-mile-per-hour winds, they last until friday morning. That's 13, 15, 18-foot waves just offshore, diane. Be punishing along the coastline and a very powerful wind storm. And tracking it all, sam champion.

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{"id":18670349,"title":"Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on East Coast","duration":"3:32","description":"High winds and icy roads make for dangerous driving conditions.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-wreaks-havoc-east-coast-18670349","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}