Winter Strikes Northeast With Snow Storms

Cold weather gets a late start this year, but still affects daily life.
3:53 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Winter Strikes Northeast With Snow Storms
Heavy rain and thunderstorms cutting a path across the middle of state. A tornado watch going up this afternoon in some parts. In effect tonight a big snowstorm is the weather story across the northeast three weeks into January now -- late start but winter is no doubt here and for that story tonight. TJ -- Three straight months without snow looked like a real possibility for the northeast until today's reality -- Now it's. You forget -- is -- it's been a while. My hands went. The quick moving storm is now history but in its wake the first significant snowfall since that pre Halloween shocker. That knocked out power to three million homes and businesses. Totals today range from nine inches in Joliet Illinois to over eight inches in parts of southern Connecticut to just over four here in New York City at Chicago's two airports airlines struggle to get stranded passengers report today. After more than 800 flights were canceled hemming and -- the most notable -- -- this year winter itself. Right now the jet -- is about where -- expected to be at this time of year but up until a week ago it was much further north all the way in Canada. Resulting in the mild temperatures we've seen so far this winter. If the snowstorm was -- anywhere -- -- here. I can't -- -- mountain in northern New Jersey. Personal home guard him this is exactly what skiers have been waiting for all winter didn't. You know sitting in and out some stuff with fifty degree weather it's just -- -- for them and now finally come out planet toys they got for Christmas if you're headed out on the. -- roads are gonna wanna be careful while temperatures were on the rise this afternoon forecasters do expect this wet ground. To freeze again overnight David TJ tonight thanks very much the storm has been a storm of extremes and in a moment here the next system already brewing. But first the pictures from coast to coast because of this system and the science behind it. Here's meteorologist ginger -- Whipped by ice by wind by rain winter devoured the Pacific northwest this week in its worst storm in a quarter century. And it's still unleashing a fury of extreme weather and conditions. That rare snowstorm that pummeled Seattle this week was only the beginning. -- freezing rain on those snow -- branches and power lines and -- scenes like that it's those bright lights illuminating the predawn sky our transformers. Exploding. After power lines were whipped by strong winds. At least 200000. Are still without power in Washington State and won't be easy getting the lights back on with a new parade of storms on the way. Raging winds battered the -- coast burying homes in sand almost entirely. Gusts whipped up to seventy miles per hour. And near Portland a -- users up to fifteen inches of rain fell in just two days swallowing homes and leaving roads impassable. And meteorologist in Jersey joins us here on the -- tonight you talk about the snow the flooding and the concerns already and now another system tonight. That's gonna head right in that region again. The Pacific northwest had a very brief break today tomorrow it happens again forty mile per hour winds with an avalanche threat because some places got seven -- now -- you have a warmer system coming in. And thirdly the wind plus the rain everything starting waterlogged and -- the branches all the trees that are ready to fall we'll make it very easy to do so tomorrow. And what's worse is that there's another system right in the pipeline here parade of storms continues for the Pacific northwest after tomorrow as well now the southeast you heard me mention earlier making it sort of a mess for voters today in South Carolina of that system were also watching it's never something we -- -- see what people wanting to get outside and well -- yes that tonight we still have a severe weather threat hail damaging winds -- the outside chance of the tornado moves off though this evening.

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{"id":15412088,"title":"Winter Strikes Northeast With Snow Storms","duration":"3:53","description":"Cold weather gets a late start this year, but still affects daily life. ","url":"/WNT/video/winter-strikes-northeast-snow-storms-cold-weather-daily-life-delays-2012-us-15412088","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}