Winter Weather Blasts Nation

Millions crippled by storm sweeping West Coast; wild weather on move.
2:36 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Winter Weather Blasts Nation
At this very moment, 60 million americans are trying to navigate a record-breaking storm. The snow and the ice and even the explosive force of what experts call thundersnow. And, the heartland is taking the hardest hit. Look at kansas. A highway of motionless cars stretching out to the horizon. Abc's emergency ginger zee is standing in the middle of what would be rush hour in topeka, right ginger? Reporter: Diane, here in kansas, where they have declared a state of emergency, and, yes, this is downtown topeka, main roads, nobody on them. Peoples of snow, still very slick. Kansas officials and others from here to nebraska, illinois and missouri, asking people to stay off the roads tonight. Halted in the heartland. The monster snowstorm made for white-knuckle driving. From cars being pushes and pulled in kansas city, to this car up in flames after revving the engine trying to get up a hill in kansas. Inside the behemoth storm, it looked like this. Visibility, probably about a quarter mile. And sounded like that -- there we go. Thundersnow. Highways were shut down from missouri to kansas. Just lost control. DUE TO THE WEATHER CONDITION. Reporter: Scary! Yes, it is. Reporter: Ice was an issue in parts of arkansas and missouri, where freezing rain made travel dangerous. At the storm's peak, snow fell at an amazing rate, up to three inches per hour. Look how quickly it adds up in arkansas on this time lapse video, and engulfs this friendly garden gnome in kansas city. Here's where the big snow goes next. Parts of the great lakes and northern midwest will get up to a half foot tonight. But back in kansas, farmers say every flake is welcome. So the water equivalent is just about 10 to 1, that's not much bigger than that, will that be good? An inch of rain, an inch of water is good, we'll take it. Reporter: Dairy farmer tim iwig says the drought has hit his 30-year-old business hard. They need rain or snow to make field for their girls. Right, this will get our spring crop growing. Reporter: Looking ahead to spring, but winter is still in full force tonight. Drivers are facing treacherous roads in the storm zone. Before you get in the car, here are some life-saving tips. Keep water and non-perishable food, pack blankets, but choose fleece, it stays warm even when it gets wet. And have a snow shovel to help you dig out. So, here's another tip. You want to grab some of these emergency flares. When visibili goes down to zero, that may be the only thing that people see and it would likely save your life.

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{"id":18561720,"title":"Winter Weather Blasts Nation","duration":"2:36","description":"Millions crippled by storm sweeping West Coast; wild weather on move.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-weather-blasts-nation-18561720","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}