Wintry Weather Snarls the Nation

Ice and up to a foot of snow cause highway rescues and deadly accidents.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for Wintry Weather Snarls the Nation
start the week together with a new storm and 80 million americans facing a wintery mess. Take a look at the video coming in to us. A pileup in wisconsin. One car ricochets down the icy highway causing a chain reaction. And that driver in texas who narrowly misses slabs of ice hurdling toward the ground. Abc's extreme weather team is tracking it all tonight and weather editor ginger zee starts us off. Reporter: Tonight, almost the entire nation is in the perilous grip of winter come early. This is unlike anything I've ever seen. Reporter: In california, chilling winds and all the way to new england several ice inspired spinouts. We're going south to new haven. You can see what happened on the northbound side. All that ice on top of the trees, the road and a huge back-up. Over the weekend deadly collision. Near milwaukee, wisconsin, watch this traffic camera catching the entire pileup, car after car crashing into each other. In new york, a mangled mess. It's like a hockey rink right now. Reporter: In texas, the inches of ice that kept david daugherty, his wife and toddler stuck in the car for 26 hours. I have been sitting in the same spot. I have not moved one foot from exit 380 in 11 hours. I've tried calling the police department. I've tried calling everybody and I can't hardly get anyone to answer the phone. Reporter: Officials telling us they were simply overwhelmed by the ice. If you find yourself stuck in your car here are some tips that could save your life. Make sure your tail pipe can't covered in snow. Finally, stay in your car, don't go wandering. It is your best protection. Idling uses about half a gallon of gas an hour so a 15 gallon tank could last up to 30 hours but run your engine only long enough to remove the chill. Idling too long could lead to fumes in the car. It wasn't all just on the road. In texas look at these wild sheets of ice flying off the top of a building. Tonight in chicago, the bundling has begun in soldier field. You name it, we have it. Reporter: They'll need it. Temperatures in the teens, wind chill near zero, mother nature challenging us all with quite the offense. Another storm to talk about. Let's get straight to the map. This is for the overnight early morning. Going to be a mess for parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. We're talking some two to four inches for a lot of folks. Washington d.C. When you are going to work, philadelphia, new york, it's going to start building through the morning and early afternoon. That's just the beginning of it. That cold behind. You saw that forecast in chicago. Hydrate, avoid the caffeine and alcohol and chug water. Diane? Thanks so much ginger and of

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{"id":21155774,"title":"Wintry Weather Snarls the Nation","duration":"3:00","description":"Ice and up to a foot of snow cause highway rescues and deadly accidents.","url":"/WNT/video/wintry-weather-snarls-nation-21155774","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}