Woman Who Survived Brutal Bear Attack Speaks

Many Florida residents are on edge as the women who narrowly escaped describes being mauled.
2:16 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Woman Who Survived Brutal Bear Attack Speaks
Next a mother with a harrowing survival story. She was attacked by a black bear as she stepped outside her mom to make sure her children were safe. This is not the first bear attack as we know. Her story has a lot of people wondering what would they do. Here's ABC's Linzie Janis. Reporter: 45 year-old mom Terri frana says she was sitting inside her screened-in porch whulg shew -- when she spotted two bears. Two large bear ran up along the screen Reporter: Worried that her ten and 11 year-old could be in danger, she went to see where they'd gone. Reporter: That's when she five her bear. And suddenly a 200 pound bear came at her. That bear came charging at me and bit the side of my leg. And then bit my side and then grabbed my head and started dragging me towards the woods. I can just -- those teeth were just digging into my skull. Reporter: While being dragged towards the woods, she says she was praying. I said please, I can't leave my kids. My babies need me. And it was then that bear let go of my head. Even in that second I had to get up. Reporter: Doctors used 30 staples to close the bite wounds on her head. Bear attacks are on the rise across the country and in the spring, their metabolism spikes which is why they're frequently spotted forging for food in residential areas. Tonight she says she's thankful she was attacked at not one of her children. These are wild animals. We have to respect them. They have no place to go. If she was protecting her cub, I know, because I would do the same. Reporter: Linzie Janis, ABC news, lake Mary, Florida.

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{"id":23325623,"title":"Woman Who Survived Brutal Bear Attack Speaks","duration":"2:16","description":"Many Florida residents are on edge as the women who narrowly escaped describes being mauled.","url":"/WNT/video/woman-survived-brutal-bear-attack-speaks-23325623","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}