Woman Throws Birthday Parties for Unfortunate Children

Paige Chenault started the Birthday Party Project to give homeless children the celebration they deserve.
2:02 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for Woman Throws Birthday Parties for Unfortunate Children
Finally tonight, a woman on a mission, throwing birthday parties for children who could really use a dose of happiness on their special day. She turned a passion for planning weddings to make sure so many homeless children get a day is celebrate. Here is John donvan. Reporter: Take one professional party planner. Okay, how many cities, eight Reporter: Get the equipment lined up. Get it packed. Get the names right. We have a little boy who's turning 2, a little girl who's turning 1. Reporter: And finally get on site, bring on the kids, and start the song. ? Happy birthday to you ? Reporter: This is what is called the "Birthday party project," which leaves out just one detail. All these kids, who all have birthdays this month, they are homeless. For many of them, there'd be no birthday party. Otherwise, if not for Paige Chenault, the party planner who started this organization three years and more than 1600 birthdays celebrated ago. To give these kids one day of feeling the center of attention. By throwing them the raddest baddest birthday parties they've even seen! Reporter: Kids like ricardo, who is 8. I felt surprised that this many people came to my birthday. Reporter: And atari, who is 6. It makes me feel happy. Reporter: And this is their mom, Nicole. They're celebrating their birthday and it's not something I have to dread because I can't provide for them. Reporter: They get cake. They get presents. We're celebrating my daughter amariah. She's 8. I felt like a super model. We believe that joy changes lives. Reporter: And as birthday parties are the time and place for making wishes -- I'm going to wish I get out of the shelter and have a house. Reporter: -- As wishes go, so real, so modest, and so huge, it's why the birthday party project exists in the first place. John donvan, ABC news, Washington. A wonderful idea and to all the kids a big happy birthday from all of us here at "World news." "Gma" in the morning and David Muir tomorrow night. Good night. Woman: I'm here

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Paige Chenault started the Birthday Party Project to give homeless children the celebration they deserve. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35480601","title":"Woman Throws Birthday Parties for Unfortunate Children","url":"/WNT/video/woman-throws-birthday-parties-unfortunate-children-35480601"}