Woman Wins Fight Over Car Mileage

Consumer challenges automaker's advertising in court.
2:23 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Wins Fight Over Car Mileage
-- news now about citizen avenger for your gasoline mileage a woman thought something wasn't right decided to prove that her car. Was not getting up to fifty miles per gallon as the carmaker claimed and she won big. Opening a door for a lot of other drivers NBC's senior national correspondent Jim novelists are consumer watchdog tonight. Heather Peters took on Honda fifth biggest carmaker in the world. Nearly three billion in profits and this 46 year old little guy from west Los Angeles beat the corporate job. If they broke in and -- like gas out it would be a crime. -- doing is thinking with their -- Honda sells nearly three million cars every year unfortunately for them they sold -- hybrid civic to Heather Peters in 2006. Who was promised up to fifty miles per gallon. But she never saw a more than 42 MPG I could have paid a lot less than a regular car. It's a shot across the bow for all car companies excessive fuel consumption is a leading factor in customer dissatisfaction. And according to critics the US government is not helping with -- stickers that are getting better. But historically inflate gas -- -- really sets people up for disappointment. EPA uses a machine that spins the running wheels called a -- -- -- there. Inside a laugh. They say they've revised their tests to make them more realistic. And the biggest problems -- critics of the EPA test is it doesn't account for people who drive like this. -- never going over the speed limit in the EPA lab. So independent test mileage numbers are sometimes dramatically less than the EPA's. Like the GMC terrain SUV. Which the EPA says should get 26 miles per gallon. But Edmonds real world yearlong test registered a mere 21 miles per -- The Nissan -- EPA estimate 27 miles per gallon Edmonds 22. In the Ford Mustang GT muscle car. That invites a lead foot showed twenty miles per gallon on EPA tests but just sixteen and a half an -- Making -- Peters a nightmare for Honda. But -- hero for those who feel over promise. I've gotten. Emails from people -- all different kinds of cars in -- I do this you. -- take nearly 101000 dollars the amount the judge said she paid for extra gas Honda says it will appeal. -- model -- ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15502247,"title":"Woman Wins Fight Over Car Mileage","duration":"2:23","description":"Consumer challenges automaker's advertising in court.","url":"/WNT/video/woman-wins-fight-car-mileage-15502247","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}