Woman Wins $168M Harassment Suit

California hospital employee claims she was sexually harassed by medical staff.
1:42 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Woman Wins $168M Harassment Suit
-- I just put -- to take care patients. And -- -- tour on a ship orient says she's humbled by a court victory won against her former employer mercy hospital. After years of torment slapping you on the back side. -- you know grabbing your waist. Pulling you into their laps to orient a cardiac surgery physician's assistant. Says she was sexually harassed on the job for two years like doctors and medical staff. Often in the operating. Running around -- would tell me you know one day you're gonna given to me. And I look at him and say I'm never gonna given -- -- You know. And I turned to my supervisor and say -- fun of her she would witnesses you know do something about this and they'd laugh. Kerkorian took her complaints to human resources numerous times where she says they were dismissed. She finally documented the abuse sending it certified mail to HR a week later. She was fired I couldn't believe -- that they would do something like that I mean. To -- he was an admission -- to do something like I mean. How can you just ignore that this person is trying. To say. You know do something about this environment she finally took her case to federal court suing the hospital for sexual harassment and -- hostile work environment and one. A jury awarding ship orient 168. Million dollar judgment. She feels empowered but knows it came at a price I hate to say this because I was always a very trusting person. I -- very hard time trusting. But I think -- stronger person to thing because what I went through.

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{"id":15835147,"title":"Woman Wins $168M Harassment Suit","duration":"1:42","description":"California hospital employee claims she was sexually harassed by medical staff.","url":"/WNT/video/woman-wins-sexual-harassment-lawsuit-against-mercy-general-hospital-15835147","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}