One Woman's Quest to Help Police Dogs

30,000 police dogs on duty in America, each year dozens are wounded.
2:01 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for One Woman's Quest to Help Police Dogs
line of fire. So what if they had bulletproof vests, too? Abc's gio benitez and the animal lover who is america strong. Reporter: They're heroes on the front lines -- the first on the scene -- in the most dangerous confrontations. just last month, k9 drago of sacramento county, shot while chasing a robbery suspect. He survived. It's a headline that officer ed meyers hears all too often -- my partner looks out for me. I look out for my partner. Reporter: Partners, that do their job without a crucial lifesaving tool -- a bulletproof vest. That's where sandy marcal comes in. Cuss tm custom fitted vests cost $950, too expensive for most police departments. So sandy started vested interests in canines, working tirelessly to raise the money. He deserves to have a vest like his human partner. We met sandy at this massachusetts sheriff's office where six canines train every day, wearing those vests. Donations have poured in big and small. Recently 10-year-old allison henry donated her birthday money, enough to vest ryker. So far no canine has been turned away. In fact, more than 450 dogs have gotten that body armor in 37 states. Officer meyer's dog barrage will get his in just weeks. What is it about a canine? I see the bond and I feel like I'm doing what I need to do. Reporter: Committing to her passion to protect canines and that's what makes her america strong. Gio benitez, massachusetts. It was great to have you with

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{"id":20894931,"title":"One Woman's Quest to Help Police Dogs","duration":"2:01","description":"30,000 police dogs on duty in America, each year dozens are wounded.","url":"/WNT/video/womans-quest-police-dogs-20894931","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}