First Women Admitted to Augusta National Golf Club

Condoleeza Rice, Darla Moore are first invited to join famed Augusta club.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for First Women Admitted to Augusta National Golf Club
This one at the legendary golf club augusta. The home of the masters. For 80 years they have resolute lent turned away women, today, two women changed that, and one of them is condoleezza rice. Reporter: For their part, both former secretary of state condoleezza rice and south carolina business executive darla moore were quite gracious today as they broke unto the boys' club, accepting their membership at augusta national. A club filled with spacemen, CEOs AND AMERICA'S WEALTHY. Moore said today was a "happy and important occasion in my life." Former secretary rice wrote that she was delighted and honored to be a member. This is a huge event. This is not just about playing golf. This is about the corridors of power in our country. Reporter: When this prestigious world-famous golf club formed in 1933 and first started excluding women, american women in particular were already doing amazing things. Amelia earhardt had crossed the atlantic and women were already serving as u.S. Cabinet members. For decades the club refused to budge. Hootie johnson once told reporters he wouldn't be forced to admit a female member at the If I were to drop dead tomorrow, the policy wouldn't change. Reporter: Today, hootie johnson is still very much alive, but what may have changed minds was ibm ceo virginia rommetty. She's the first ibm ceo who wasn't let in, even though her company sponsors the masters tournament. And the story blew up in a because ibm had a female ceo, all the domestic minute knowns started to fall. That is how this happened. Reporter: A sudden change

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{"id":17045467,"title":"First Women Admitted to Augusta National Golf Club","duration":"3:00","description":"Condoleeza Rice, Darla Moore are first invited to join famed Augusta club.","url":"/WNT/video/women-admitted-augusta-national-golf-club-17045467","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}