Women in China Hoping to Find Love in Seattle

After seeing "Sleepless in Seattle," Chinese women are looking for Mr. Right in the Emerald City.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women in China Hoping to Find Love in Seattle
something really strange has been happening in the city of seattle. It's a little like the famous movie with tom hanks and meg ryan. But this time, all these women are pouring in from 6,000 miles away. Why? Here's abc's neal karlinsky. Reporter: In "sleepless in seattle," tom hanks and meg ryan put seattle on the map for lovelorn women everywhere. It's you. It's me. Reporter: Today, "sleepless in seattle" is back. Sort of. This time it's made in china. The blockbuster chinese romantic comedy is called "finding mr. Right," about a woman who travels from china to seattle looking for love, just like in the movies. Why do you come to seattle? Uh, "sleepless in seattle." I love that movie. Love it. Reporter: Now, in a weird case of life imitating art -- that's, by the way, all ready sort of imitating american art -- chinese women are flocking to seattle, 6,000 miles across the pacific. We have been amazed at the response. This is bigger than "sleepless in seattle." Reporter: Chinese television has been running features about the city and following chinese tourists obsessed with the movie. I thought about coming here one day, then the next day I bought a ticket, this woman says. All these young women relate. And they want to come and see if they can find their mr. Right in seattle. Reporter: Do you think this is a good place for a chinese woman to find love? Yeah, I think so. Why not? Reporter: Official statistics list more than 150,000 single men in seattle. But the ones we found -- it's good news. Reporter: Couldn't believe their good fortune. You think the average seattle man is up to the challenge? I'm more than up to the challenge. Reporter: Really? Oh, hell, yeah. Reporter: Hell, yeah. How does the selection of men look so far around seattle? Really good. Reporter: Neal karlinsky, abc news, speechless in seattle.

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{"id":21482938,"title":"Women in China Hoping to Find Love in Seattle","duration":"3:00","description":"After seeing \"Sleepless in Seattle,\" Chinese women are looking for Mr. Right in the Emerald City.","url":"/WNT/video/women-china-hoping-find-love-seattle-21482938","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}