Women Among Many MS-Sufferers

New hope for patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
2:46 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Women Among Many MS-Sufferers
We have one of those headlines we wish we had every day confirmation that the dread disease may be on the run. Every hour someone -- diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which attacks the nervous system and most -- patients are women. Including you -- -- and Romney's wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But wants doctors could do little for MS patients but now there has been a dramatic change -- -- actor Richard investors here to tell us about it -- You know it's really exciting when he can give people living with the disease like MS health and there's genuine hope here -- a new crop of treatments that work and more that are on the way. Real strong economy pushed -- today this is what multiple sclerosis looks like artist you can -- Traci opry is looking and feeling good for the first time in decades. I think that the barriers are not these have laces and Iowa probably couldn't do laces before MS steadily robbed her of her life. Blind in one -- nineteen. Totally numb from the chest down. Schooling herself downstairs. All of a sudden my legs and all of a sudden it Iowa I had no balance in MS the body's own immune system attacks the -- that protects the -- In the most severe cases can lead to blindness paralysis. And there was little doctors could do. Until now the attitude to people with and that's what's. Diagnose and -- that we had nothing to -- but from nothing doctors now have a powerful arsenal of treatments eight new drugs approved. Three more on the way. Some just -- symptoms one drug. Actually hides the weight blood cells that destroy the nerve -- blocking the disease itself that's when treaties on this a this Bill White is the first in its study of whether patient's own stem cells can repair damaged nerves slight. Have a birthday when your -- your -- she gets here happy twenty years of medical detective work finally paying off. Scientists can now use an MRI to see the damage MS does to the brain. Allowing them to develop -- new drugs to transform lives so today -- he can put her shoes -- drive a car. In the admired the changing face of MS. And I can -- -- it -- lies ahead 2040. And Asian. 2040 vision and she was blind in one -- before you MS is about as complex is diseases get when I see this kind of progress for this. -- hope we can make this kind of progress and just about any disease I can tell how excited you are. So do we know why it affects women more than men you know we don't but he this is called an autoimmune disease in most of those diseases or more common are more common in women but just no idea why it's right. -- -- professor courting him tonight thanks rich.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"New hope for patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15301541","title":"Women Among Many MS-Sufferers","url":"/WNT/video/women-ms-sufferers-15301541"}