Women Train to Do Men's Jobs

California program seeks to place female workers in male-dominated fields.
2:30 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Women Train to Do Men's Jobs
Tough work card had jobs at construction sites but it is projected that about a million of these jobs will be added over the next six years as the economy recovers. And they pay well. Women have lost out on these jobs in part because of training and also the lack of upper body strength. Well program in California is trying to change that and here's ABC's nick -- In the shadow of Long Beach power plant that doesn't women stepping into school it's amazing is way up point four home. They're learning had to carry fifty pound buckets of cement upstairs and act but. Breaking their -- -- bad -- used to be a real certain that she wants to work in construction. While. High income -- -- I'm not -- This innovative program trains women for -- Management. For the few who make it through the grueling ten weeks for those who can pack the physical demands the rewards are great. Because traditionally male blue collar jobs can pay a lot more -- -- -- old men make on average 23 bucks an hour. -- Make just ten. When they have to go to work. You I have a child I had this -- Donna Williamson their recent graduate bank lending a hand she walls a waitress scraping by on minimum wage now she's an -- worker. Making twice as much. He's developed a crushing handshake and these days carries a tool belt it's almost -- that are -- -- -- In in the -- you are dirty -- -- you don't smell the greatest. And that's fine with me. We followed -- to work running big mess. There. Gender equality is advancing in other workplaces. Or through CEOs are women but -- workers well. Still less than 1%. Right here -- 250. Guys work. The program teaches safety trying keeping out to find -- NN -- time. It changed how to end discrimination and they need to learn to brush it off and continue on with their work. Set an example for others that I -- -- -- -- And I'm only five. Proving a woman's place might be on the construction -- -- -- ABC news sent.

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{"id":15484030,"title":"Women Train to Do Men's Jobs","duration":"2:30","description":"California program seeks to place female workers in male-dominated fields.","url":"/WNT/video/women-train-mens-jobs-15484030","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}