'Wonderful Life' Bank

Small bank inspired by famous film gives back to struggling Americans.
2:27 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for 'Wonderful Life' Bank
Special holiday edition of our series bringing America back where we shine a light on Americans doing what they can in creative ways to turn this country around. Tonight 220 co anchor Chris Cuomo found a little bank making a big difference and big profits. By putting its community first. Banker George -- famously giving his customers his honeymoon money in the classic it's a wonderful life. It on campus and you. These days many think bank is a dirty word. But meet someone who says all the George Bailey's are not gone -- -- -- -- Merry Christmas Jim Smith. President of Webster bank in Waterbury Connecticut George Bailey was there to help his customers when they needed him. And I think that that's a lot of what world about his father Harold founded the bank in 1935 during the Great Depression to help the struggling country by and build homes the notion of profiting by helping people is dead rock says Smith. Why aren't you for closing on homes -- people care like other banks to Europe bank church. Because we have a responsibility to our customers to work with them so 1977 we moved here. So Webster makes foreclosure a last option rewarding bankers' for modifying loans. Nationally banks modify at most a third of their loans Webster modifies more than twice that. Helping to save families like account apostles when Carmine lost his job -- wife Paula suffered a heart attack and then a stroke. Bills mounted quickly in their home of twenty years was in jeopardy. The fear was if -- -- -- -- -- exactly. No free ride -- forgiven debt but a permanent new payment was negotiated a life changer for a family that already been through a lot. We have so many memories -- wonderful but -- -- everything. In it's a wonderful life angels get their wanes when -- -- greens. Webster bank they could signal success. Because every home saved isn't just kind. It's good business and we think the net cost of the bank. What would have been all of those foreclosures by doing it the way we did it. We've stayed. Tens of millions of dollars if you do the right thing that can help you to grow and you true we can do. Well by doing. A message that rings true any time of year. Chris Cuomo ABC news Waterbury Connecticut.

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{"id":15209961,"title":"'Wonderful Life' Bank","duration":"2:27","description":"Small bank inspired by famous film gives back to struggling Americans.","url":"/WNT/video/wonderful-life-bank-puts-community-15209961","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}