Woody and Buzz are back!

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen talk 'Toy Story 4' and the legacy of their characters.
22:21 | 06/22/19

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Transcript for Woody and Buzz are back!
I'm all of Paris at Disney World and you're watching ABC news alive. Tim. Thomas and that toys are back to step down with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to talk about who story. Four and knowing that if fact this franchise has had on multi generation both of them Tommy they take these girls very furiously. Sartorial. Man. Weller and Marty. It's a bitter feelings right now on mine might ammo bullets story for talking. Point that they gave because there's an element of said he's through instructions they were we're told the words solid column. This is all callers tell a lie every. I had I had to Collins Collins Iowa where and why it won't want him in did within what com. What is that white after an hour I just wanted to be honest I'm doing what I'm told intended to make this up with those. Legit question is the absence white lights life. A black ball well you're all islands in the all the Eagles right now that's all the time we have met and held by the and if there's not enough and I cannot we have sleep. It. Who. Who picked it's at Hartford good. What better place to be number one you point well we'll evidently that would Orlando Florida. Toy Story is Disneyland. Is. I'll let you flights with the boat carrying wherever pleasantly that's happening in very little done nicely. Kate Snow have you seen it I have seen. Eight it has not been Chris Paul was not done for the line. Around and heartland and the land. Not about pirated version of its numbers. -- I keep asking I think. There is. If you. No we are told you even like mention. I mean evidently years ago that it would stop someone said without its. It would ideally it whatever mr. that I award now it's mostly to charm that it. And up there they all we can say is we will hope we hope there was. Better because. Dart stop. About them to provide you with spot news poet that night. OK well that you know that book that you vote at all. Ultimate compliment. Bumpy body yeah not at the end three. It was closed in. Six but it went and looked around saw that little girl she's gonna take care of us. You got this. Is a story. It was supposed to be us way to support. Them. You. Well I don't take their responsibility lightly pared it they don't they don't wanna go into something that isn't going to quite be. All are mean. And you could argue. There are three movies were like about it. Bradenton possibly a man and they don't wanna do it that are in our knowing all hearing. Not at all we taught at getting snow on the right pat you know let. President hair he self regulated it is it is no pot on heat you tune would. Well. If it was sunny that would be ministers would be split on and I wouldn't really looks that this sharpened. Everybody loves. You and everybody aboard U. Boy they point out. It's well let me get this race it might have toys. It's not been bloodier. How awesome with. It's quite it's quite different than a phone call it that was 25 years is that he had no way to advance than. Weird coveted for two weeks and we ever get to see each other except socially we have got that. The best thing about this when I use side units. That last five minutes of this movie I read Texas. That are prepared yourself. And it. I don't need you the there you ready decided not but there's more. And it was I was choked if it was dropped it but very hard on me. I go I take this very serious actually he atlas life that I have an. Ounce calling it would he fight. So it it was very difficult this is a wonderful story that was what these guys who heads as they did this story if it. The bottom. Think it's wonderful. Stunning to look at itself Brit so beautiful it's it's really quite. Alarm. And a hot tap it. Well they work what is we have a this cryptic or miscommunication. It that the court. So that when I got into the studio. Knowing there was. Two. Revert we've leveraged businesses of the mind that my back would be. Creative talent to be an I didn't. And when it can arise and I didn't I didn't wanna look up from an eyewitness that earlier on which I thought. Look at it gave them. Can't we that there in this. We'll talk. You get the entirety you lay it out. Cardboard and because we have when he like yours yet. I had vomited. Reading it through its coal mine bill. If you will be ending to keep it yet but. Well it was answering. I get that kind it's like Christmas morning what is it going to be and when you actually get here you read it like. Oh well this little this little partners. Took me quite by surprise. Most of the guys at your voices cracked. What they do they go. Just give effect. It was it was weird to me that involved keep callers were still bodies right is that we. The emotions because it beat and dean of the movie or the emotions because this this possibly be ends up on him. Bald. What they captured. They lost and letting go and it's really that. It was the right thing for what. It really was in the degenerates vote. Going to be okay. And he says it twice it I hate it that way but with so wonderfully. Scripted and it is that for a QB. More than. Gotten. Into times. The images that I had we. Like we crossed the river you know that we wait to meet other than the other side of this. Mary wide body of water that is all about emotions experienced the. What's odd is they got me. But it my mind went through it all the recording studios we. Well although it. Dramatic all the all the wrong on all of it's all the talk we with everybody if her overall these years. About oh long long history buried there moments that we had a line. Standing in front of a microphone not be. Elliott physiological moment. It's weird. I'm work. I don't. You need to ask them on route one and we. Can. Keep at it but. I thought it was. That was fine because it was right away and that accuse you later world. This witness. Actual. Like cheers went away and some great shows it can't wrap it up. And then that is that banality. Like adults like. Everywhere I a lot of room for another story here that it's at this. It it's not quite. Well or. Let. I I think it would only be happy it lifted the world. I'll let out. All I want I want walked into a rail on just. He spearheaded the back of the restaurant Paul McCartney was having. Ring goes it's wild goes on. If if Paul and Ringo and together they feel there I think that wouldn't be having dinner at the well locally county. Years here. It's happens that public. Finally catching and I'm not going to cast of all the water all the world is crying. It's yeah that'll pick and ten. My. Imagine. Life without. No. It's just too but as that you committed to this there's that theme park. Based on I'm making about free. You know and it could be in that world go into a place that rod pencil erasers that these. This is a spectacular experience. Inside. Nuts and bolts of that you did studios were all this but every doubt that these little kids. God bless them. It and ports inspecting. It's very ill that this means something. They're light came over here it's just they're they're animated. Starts technology. It's on whether the event in the park in Anaheim maybe it's news well it says. A whole night show went off the lot that the culmination of the show is the the Mark Twain steamboat. It comes by and on it is in the. Meaning and Donald. Pan and Captain Hook in the three little pigs and and and all those. And variances. Also is warning in that when I saw that once my daughters had 50% and here it is pipeline. That you'll be there for the right out. This is like then imagine life without penalty and. And we can't get something you have impressive. We hear that well I think the body of work you look at the body of work which again. Imus that it needed do until she owes more they'll be an. Shows the little rough language this is a like home improvements and it caused part of my life it is it's so special for me because it forced me to be disciplined. This got bigger than that I got a great French about it this thing apartment building great but it is at top of that. Are suffering injuries that I really relate to this. Buzz is there's this up an honorable lot this character that I wish I was. There's something innocent about this here there was I was and in this it's it's a beautiful experience of them noticed that this. This is great way up there. Tom. You hadn't work. Are we while back when he thanks to you look at you the body of work done. First there is this week with the that it has been for movies over 25 years. But whoever it is and now with I think we're on probably our fifth or sixth generation people who were being produced would you. I'm bill that is ongoing and perennial. Because he wouldn't mind and that power. You got a bowed down to powers of the cinema is that something you don't take life. Nor the fact that it speaks to absolutely. Every body every. Powers of emotion in the bond you with the boy. That thing from your childhood and that its review meant to be a community of people wait for yourself. I don't discount the importance. It is brilliant movie movie about that was brilliant idea when I first. The enemy and way back well in my life it's that general is a great story until all the enemy avenue computer generated. Three when I was in film school. The look of it was brilliant all that but this story. Was these guys really write great story there being this one is bigger than you might have met about throw away stuff what's important to people. And you're doing this is I's have it Roy. And they're able they'd hit this level of adult humor there a little bit definitely kids are gonna love it. And visually it's done it's just beautiful passes influence to victory in Atlanta letter. Last. Millions okay. We need to be like a time lapse camera on developing. Sure it up and different seeing a black. It's definitely otherwise only. Or maybe it's completely dark that the dictator war Garnett. Yet. If Serbia if you always hear one isolated because it's so odd or the league right now in a monsoon. These. Oh when people. While I. Just act like it's not wet. All we're doing is talking about movies we could do that anywhere on the planet. Let's. Electrical cables everywhere a lot of like I'm promise I'll use. It. Nineteen. That was me. Who. That. And as. Virginia where I've I've way. I'm I've decided. It's not evident dress for the Europe radio that. That's not that you just come from an addiction expert doctor pepper spokesperson here and it might very well that like well play. Well we'll play again in town. I've bosom buddy aces. I don't not. Not far from the blood and bodies I have both of bloody. By the way that I never never aware. Would that why. Elected Mike Rowe. I think you can. Thanks. Oh. Mind lol are you look at. From the both events. See you. Here. Years. We've been ruled line month we have. I mean. From from the gap that I'm sitting Willis was hit again. This is what you could Wear a bath mat this is that she thought would stop with that he. I. I don't get a better hi I'm that is why they were thinking but this was I've that the does with that the Al and right where we're going to. The question with that it in the Clinton lies they've really day here they are gonna care about. Well it's it's. The tell it was that they eat little yet this story it was great. Cared about the characters where it's all that it here that occurred at some people that really that the first and they use. Overtly. Actor comedy actors all that our Academy Award accurately every whatever let let's let's go back. This. Robin Williams. Maybe in the land. O and revolutionized the counts of reforming and animated. Revolutionize. And from that it is rather than get great guest Marie bullets and let's also get people have a body work you generally. So that actually change the way. He would require that they that the people who were and were the voices that anybody when he announced a wide all the way. They were as good actors that was. And here's the latest from of the hype they do all. But the first thing I saw. Woody was yes that rendered a computer to rendered a line from an. And so like bird. My boys from another movie coming out on the woody and we're not sure how they do that that was pretty angry right when talking about speaking. That's what when he like yours is but it goes by quick it was for me goes like what I forget about this right. Literally. The cast members on last man standing. There's. Young the young women all of them aren't you. There I'm think they're huge buzz like your fans that some might there. Probably slightly better. But the fabric doll item what it was like plastics me. When I'm Il met you know it would be worth. That's up from cars com. Occasion drivers people now on the anyway and again. Cairo with Mike and the service they would. All the rest of fast food restaurant yes I know there and they go that would tears. I would critic guided one break them gently I got a free orange slices them. That was. Outlet adults. And I'd like to. That is guided Philadelphia. That's the way I'll abide by Zhao bylaws lot of away yelled at the beach ball whatever island. Basketball. Bell what is. The only. Look what happen what fell here. That you went agreed. Acts this where. Line my whole. The latest wall though that is what you are a bull. It does mean that that. Oh. Right back in the L. All that there there's that's the creek. It is you don't even now it's intriguing. And how odd accident out of by the Israelis into the locker by air. Put it that way. This definitely. But. To me there. This is the line that I would ease more than anything else all wars Toy Story movies it's a plea. Is it. It's and that needs come on and help me come on gather round. Come on don't leave upon all mean it's it's it's an ongoing. I would best fit that. He acknowledged that I think I've said that more than the other line. That ties. Why is about what he. To go into the studio they go I see. Look out woody. Look out woody. What he look out. And it's actually looked up I got that try to bury it. It is with its history. You are a taught. I met my advisor is. That had lived you'll yours at straight back. At my. You race and strange little man and payment. And the other one is when I'm drunk and dark feeling empty and having that I have no are somebody ripped up like that in their residences that but. I don't think you've had an oft he fourteen days let's get him to they're you connect. Usually hats. Mrs. Net debt how. They act like him drug that humans. Wander it's real quiet that they don't like what I had lived. That was an analyst at empted and that's all because woods woods they the enemies ultimately they got us money. TTE. And I. Well right now to be honest it. So an. Love argue it again. How long can this franchise now well it depends. All. Know. I got. Let them ask you that another way with they have that's on this if it really. Is very woods. Stick to the scientific to this commitment. Throughout. It did the end of buzz and woody will not even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen now but one thing is for certain this franchise will live in their hearts forever. I'm Paula Paris at Disney World and you're watching ABC's live.

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