World News: Sikh Temple Shooter Was a Military Veteran

Wade Michael Page Had Neo-Nazi Link; Syria Violence: Al Qaeda Joining Rebels?
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for World News: Sikh Temple Shooter Was a Military Veteran
Welcome to world news tonight tragedy at the temple but we're learning about sex -- that deadly Wisconsin shooting. Allegations he was a neo Nazi had been tracked for ten years and they hero cop who saved lives now fighting for resolved. -- inside Syria. A huge blow Saturday for the -- regime as a reporter on the ground gathers evidence that al-Qaeda is input -- the revolution. Consumer watchdogs to those sports drinks turning up everywhere at the Olympics do they really give -- minutes. And out of this world that spectacular landing today thanks to the hard work of this bicycle company in Tennessee. Made in America goes tomorrow. From ABC news headquarters. This is BBC world news with Diane. Reporting tonight George Stephanopoulos. Good evening we begin with a new -- Listen that Wisconsin temple massacre chilling new information about how and why one more sacred place in American life became a battlefield. We now know this is the gunman who opened fire inside that sick temple. Wade Michael page a military vet believed to be a white supremacist. And with each passing hour we're learning more about the victims including a police officer who took nine shots while tending to the wounded. He's fighting for his life right now. In a moment Brian Ross brings -- those details about the -- ties to neo Nazis but first the latest from ABC's Alex Perez on the scene in Wisconsin Alex. While George good evening to you we learn today just three weeks ago one of the first officers on the scene the talked to them there. About preparing and being ready for a mass tragedy just like this one. Meanwhile the investigation is moving forward police are now getting a much clearer picture of who that gunmen wise. Police believe this man forty year old -- Michael clearly -- and -- -- Temple. That left six people dead and three others critically wounded before police eventually shot and killed him page served in the army from 1992. To 1998. And police confirmed -- are investigating his alleged ties to white supremacy hate groups. Authorities say -- -- to Springfield nine millimeter semi automatic pistol to carry out this Sunday massacre. Sources tell ABC news he bought that gun here legally at the shooter shot in nearby West Allis Wisconsin. If we did everything right there's nothing -- -- change. Hailed as a hero tonight lieutenant Brian Murphy a 21 year veteran of the police force and longtime leader of their tactical team. He was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene. Page ambush Murphy firing on the 51 year old cop as he was hoping a victim. But when his fellow officers found him on the ground lieutenant Murphy was more concerned about the victims inside. He had been shot nine times. One of them very serious in the neck area and he waved them off and told them to go into the temple to assist those in there. In all five men and one woman were killed in the shooting ranging in age from 39 to 84. Among them the temple's president Sox -- collect who tried defend the shooter off with a night. Today he's being mourned by his friends and family I spoke with the son of Martin. But the very least the FBI gave me honor knowing my father went after -- -- try to stop the slow them down enough to. Let other that this. This shooting has rattled the -- community half a million strong in the United States sickens him is characterized by a belief in peace. But since -- September 11 attacks is six in this country have often been confused with Muslims and have increasingly been targeted. More than 700 incidents reported since 9/11 a frustration many six deal with every day. -- -- -- -- It sounds. Really good doctor. Wouldn't be here with the driver with -- destination. You know. So still many unanswered questions for the sake community here in Wisconsin -- attacked statement the gunman's family. Tells a Milwaukee journal sentinel that they are devastated and they don't have the words to describe. What happened George to balance thanks very much as we just heard -- new questions tonight about the shooter and his ties to an underground movement in America. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has more on the neo Nazi connection. Civil rights groups say -- Michael Paige was a long time major player in the subterranean world of white power. And law enforcement officials say he was associated with a group called -- front which describes itself as representing working persons of European descent. The Southern Poverty Law Center says it has tracked page for more than ten years as he moved through America's -- circle. He first really appeared on the white supremacist -- way back in 2000. When he started to plan a number of very well known. White power music dance. Pages most recent and called and apathy performed at white power festivals across the country. -- it's provocative lyrics from songs including self destruct and submission. Documented by the anti defamation. The basic idea that these people have. Is that they are lonely defenders of the white race which is being subjected to a genocide. By the you know miserable multi -- lists of the world and so on and so they see themselves fundamentally as martyrs. A native of Colorado page enlisted in the army at the age of 21. Stationed in Texas in North Carolina. The army says he was discharged in 1998. After being demoted from sergeant to specialist and deemed in eligible for reinvestment. Page appears to have moved to the Milwaukee area just this year we're neighbors said he was not very friendly press -- on the -- about a one point five. Page at work at an area metal factory until mid July about a week after that he bought the gun used in Sunday's -- Civil rights groups say there are thousands of people connected with the -- -- white power movement in which page became prominent. But for all his devotion to. Some of the movement's more prominent web site including the books -- today condemned the attack and labeled page as crazy and they deny any connection with -- Okay we're gonna move out west now to Oklahoma when that explosion wildfires. More than eighteen blazes across the state. One person was killed dozens of homes were reduced to ashes and tonight fire officials say all of the blazes are under control or largely out. Thanks to lower temperatures and calmer winds but without more rain another outbreak of fires is likely. And from those wildfires we moved to the lightning storms that hit the northeast so hard last night. 24 hours after a NASCAR fan was killed -- -- strike in Pennsylvania. NASCAR's pocono raceway officials say -- review their emergency procedures and are in lock step. Ryan Zimmerman a 41 year old father was leaning against his car and raceway parking lot when he was killed by the lightning. Nine other fans were injured. Overseas now and the -- sign yet the president Bashar Al Assad regime in Syria is on the brink of collapse. Today the highest government defections yet the prime minister escape to Jordan -- at least two other cabinet members. But as a -- loses his grip on power some gaining it may create new threats to the US and our allies. ABC's Alex mark -- went inside Syria and brings us this firsthand account. Traveling across Syria we met many young fresh faced men who have joined the rebellion army defectors. Men who say they refuse to fire on their own people. In one town we also met the three phone -- Brothers they're fighting together an accountant a chicken farmer and a baker. Each has his own family each willing to give up his life to take down a side. Keep this -- but I. How can we watch all of this happen and not fight for our dignity and freedom -- -- hall told us they're shelling us every day. So we have to fight this oppressor and we don't care if we died. But there's a much more ominous presence now in Syria to that has many in Washington worried foreign fighters. Religious fundamentalists streaming in taking up the fight they want to sought to go and Syria to become an Islamic state. We headed out to find some of them instead led by that car right there they found us. They were heavily armed so we hit our camera well I was -- saying we're stopped by -- -- of what we're clearly fundamentalist fighters. They stopped our car they all had AK 47 they want to see our passports and IDs. Clearly very unhappy to -- yes what was quite interesting is they're speaking Arabic -- -- -- Syrian accent as well as other languages so we got that are really fast. Along with the arrival of -- fighters is something even more worried. A growing number of suicide bombings as evidence that al-Qaeda is here as well. They're infamous black flags and a growing number of videos coming out of Syria. Many in this rebellion want the help of the foreign fighters but reject the extreme terror tactics of groups like al-Qaeda. And traveling the country it becomes clear that Syria is becoming more chaotic. Question who would take over after -- more complicated and the result possibly more dangerous. Well -- as -- -- and -- the rebels controlling a lot of territory right now I know you've been speaking. With a lot of officials in the region what is their biggest national security worry right now. It's really the chemical weapons stockpile Syria has one of the biggest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world and America and Israel which is obviously serious. Immediate neighbor are afraid it in this chaotic situation aside could lose control of these weapons. Now we spoke to Israeli officials today who told us they have prepared plans to intervene in Syria. To secure those weapons -- that they don't fall into the hands of these groups like Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. Okay -- Alex thanks very much good work. Now we're gonna go to the London on the Olympic Games as the day full of surprises sore loser -- the smackdown in the stands and her and a dramatic showdown on the soccer field. The team USA at the center. ABC's bill where is in London -- all the action and bill what. A day. Unbelievable night here George thanks to uncle Sam's girls the women's soccer team they do not disappoint when they get to this Olympic stage. Three times tonight they trailed our North American neighbor Canada and three times they rallied back and tonight there enjoying that kind of give -- exhaustion that only comes. From hard fought victory. North American neighbors battle for a 123. Minutes tonight before and Alex Morgan header. -- -- three all -- descended jubilant team USA. Into the gold medal game against Japan. But less joy in the gym for -- Douglas. As she showed us -- gold and all around last week. She served the warrants won't name for the way she spins and -- on the uneven bars. But today are flying wasn't good enough to beat Russia's Leo most of -- Or anyone else admittedly drain. She finished last and we'll take one more crack at precious metal. On the balance beam tomorrow on the track tonight three American started the 400 meter hurdles but only Michael Tinsley leaves with a -- Surging for silver behind Dominican Felix Sanchez. And all of London's still buzzing over last night's thrilling hundred meter sprint mostly for the same -- record setting repeat but partly for the fans. Threw -- beer bottle at the -- just before the start. Before security -- hustle and out got a taste of this. -- CA Dutch judo champion was seated nearby -- -- -- on the back and later tweeted. A drunk dude in front of me throws a bomb on the track I beat him. Unbelievable. But still vying for the most interesting tweet of the night was -- flashing his symbol for winning with the Swedish handball team. At 345 area after giving up -- the 800 meters and Algerian runner became the latest athlete rejected for not trying hard enough. Until he explained he wasn't supposed to be racing that distance in the first place. And his team forgot to withdrawn -- time. And the first American sent home for failing a drug test. Is Nicholas dealt -- -- finished seventh in judo and claims he accidentally ate marijuana laced baked goods. Sometime before the games. Oh my goodness at this -- Reasoning there but I was fascinated fascinated by this study found. Bronze medal winners tend to feel better than silver medalists. Yeah that is is this is amazing check out the reaction this is the video that sort of sparked our interest in this is a Hungarian wrestler named. Peter moto -- he does these starfish jump into his coach's arms. Before putting on an impromptu gymnastics retain all celebrate. -- bronze medal which -- efforts of the paper that was published after the Barcelona games that found bronze medalist often happier than silver the reasoning is. That silver medalists are focused on just missing the gold so they're filled with this appointment. And the photographs bear that out the bronze medalist on the right there. They're just happy to be in the top three in their sport entire world so George. In the Olympics I guess as in life happiness is all about managing expectations incident what makes -- simply BW. -- else cookie -- with thanks very much here's the latest medal count now China back on top with 64 medals just one medal ahead of the US. With Russia a distant third just in time for the London Olympics we have new -- tonight -- -- sports drinks that are turning up all over the games and the advertising. The drink makers spend billions of dollars a year promoting their products to those of us were casual athletes. But how much difference to they make if you're not training and Olympic levels. ABC's Jim -- is tonight's consumer watchdog. It's the official Olympics -- -- aggressive product placement. Which Coca Cola's power -- in the hands of America's biggest Olympian stars from Michael Phelps to NBA Olympian Chris hall an essential part of my. Science it's essential to the marketing -- -- seven billion dollar worldwide sports -- game. Forty years of hydration science and everybody. But just as the Olympic Games began in London a reality check from a group of researchers at England's prestigious Oxford University. They've didn't used to a lot of industry sponsored scientists to do the research. Which makes a suspicious to begin with. In fact these MD's and clinical scientists say they couldn't find specific backing for much of -- -- advertising and much of what they could find. They characterize as flawed science. We find much of the science has not being done well. Many nationally known nutritionists are critical of sports drinks because they have little special benefit for casual last week that worked out less than two hours -- day. And most contain sugar -- should not be routinely given to children. The sports drinks are grossly oversold by the companies -- make them. Both kids all over the place teenagers especially drinking things things like crazy when they don't really need them the beverage industry in the scientists they directed us to tell ABC news. The Oxford study overlook science that proves sports drinks provide carbohydrate energy and hydration which are necessary for an -- overall health. Sports nutritionist Karen Dolan at Columbia University has accepted speaking fees from Gatorade. So does the fact that a company. Is paying for research on itself disqualify that research. I don't believe it does this sad state of affairs says that where else are you gonna get funding from. You're not comment yet large and I -- France to study sports nutrition issues. The reality check -- Oxford researchers. Good for the Olympian is not necessarily good for the rest of -- especially children and remodel it ABC news Washington. We have confirmation tonight of what everyone at the gas station knows those prices have shot up like a rocket. Fourteen cents in just a week to a national average of 365 a gallon. It's the fifth consecutive week price has gone up. Global oil prices have surged largely because concern that tensions with Iran might disrupt the world's oil supply. And secretary of state Hillary Clinton -- a pick up a lovely -- today as she took a break from her tour through Africa to spend some time an old friend Nelson Mandela. The 94 year old anti apartheid icon is in failing health but that did not -- his million dollar smile. And -- healthy living and new way to reduce the risk of diabetes. A study by Harvard School of Public Health found that men who lift weights at least two and a half hours a week cut their risk of getting type two diabetes by a third. The researchers said that having more muscle speeds up your metabolism. Helping to keep blood sugar at normal levels. And history is about you -- on the football field not by the players but by Iraq. On Thursday night a woman will officiate an NFL game for the first time. Shannon -- will work the pre season match between Green Bay and San Diego. Players may want to think twice about challenging one of -- calls Eason has won six national judo championships. A veteran -- for high school and small college games she's getting -- chance in the big leagues because of a labor dispute. It's sidelined league's regular -- a one time visitor from earth is wrapping up his first full day on Mars. That's spectacular landing for NASA rover early this morning was a triumph for NASA. And also for dozens of American companies that helped build it. Tonight ABC's claims and -- has the story of the nation's hidden heroes has made in America goes to marks. For centuries earthlings have wondered what martians might be like from harmless. Not so much. So -- answer these big questions about real life martians to look for signs of -- -- may be present life. NASA just hit a go back to -- one. -- -- -- -- -- the biggest rover ever on Mars in a high risk plunged dubbed the seven minutes of terror. Hi tech parachute rockets even this guy brain they'd never used before have been slow curiosity from thirteen thousand miles per hour -- It worked and nearly all of this 2.5 billion dollar mission made in America there is something uniquely. Americans about what it takes. Put a rover like this. That marks what it takes our companies in 33 states coast to coast cameras. San Diego California to Windsor Connecticut where pioneer aerospace made curiosities parachute. Passing Mars Orbiter caught this one and a million picture of the parachute on its way down. In Tennessee. We're provide speed in Chattanooga Tennessee. And we helped build the arms of Mars curiosity the team from like speed bicycles traded their two wheelers to help build something. The six. This really is a human endeavor does not just the US. But godless America did we did put something on -- Curiosity will -- the red planet for at least the next two years it's seven minutes of terror now seven minutes trying. Send out CBC -- Pasadena California. Terrific team effort that is all for us now thanks for watching check us out all night long and And Nightline. I'll see you tomorrow on GM.

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