Worries grow across restaurant industry

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, many businesses are struggling to find employees.
1:24 | 04/18/21

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Transcript for Worries grow across restaurant industry
the restaurant industry. Already hit hard by the pandemic. With covid restrictions being lifted, many businesses are now struggling to find workers. Here's Deirdre Bolton. Reporter: Tonight, the restaurant industry reeling from- a devastating pandemic, and now a new problem. I've never seen it this difficult to find people to work in the restaurants. Reporter: The hiring signs are up, demand is growing, but employers are struggling to find workers. We reduced our days of work by one day. And then we had to reduce our menu items significantly. Reporter: With more than 16 million Americans collecting some form of unemployment insurance, some managers complaining that those extended benefits are leading to a shortage in the workforce. Too many people are staying home with their unemployment checks. Reporter: At least 20 states now resuming job-search mandates on aid recipients, in order for them to keep receiving unemployment benefits. Mike Irving of Charlie palmer steak in D.C. Says there are other factors involved. We have several employees who themselves have underlying conditions. They will not return until they are fully vaccinated. They want to ensure that the restaurant is doing everything properly. From ppe equipment and cleaning. Reporter: Americans are spending more in restaurants than they have since last June. Business owners want to keep that going. Linsey? Deirdre, thank you.

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, many businesses are struggling to find employees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77154792","title":"Worries grow across restaurant industry","url":"/WNT/video/worries-grow-restaurant-industry-77154792"}