'Worrisome' Levels of Arsenic Found in Rice?

Consumer Reports says "significant" levels found in many rice products.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Transcript for 'Worrisome' Levels of Arsenic Found in Rice?
news, a surprise warning about every product ukt in every kitchen. Rice. Scientists are sounding an alarm as what they call significant and worrisome range of arsenic. From white race to baby food. Jim avila has those details. Reporter: Arietha idrissa has two girls and like many moms a pantry filled with rice products. Long grain rice, jasmine rice. Basmati rice. Reporter: Now consumer reports, urging anybody who eats rice especially children under the age of 5 to cut back. Because rice is the number one food source of arsenic in humans. Some products containing, the magazine says five times more arsenic than oatmeal. You really shouldn't exceed one serving a day of infant rice cereal. Reporter: Consumer reports tested 200 rice products, everything from cereals to drinks, finding arsenic in all many containing what the magazine calls worrisome levels. The fda is conducting an even larger study. So far our results are fairly similar. Reporter: Arsenic appears naturally in the soil and water but decades of arsenic-based fertilizer and pesticides have added more toxic and rice because it is grown in water soaked rice paddles soaks up more arsenic. Reporter: The rice federation says the world arsenic is more frightening that reality, and there is no direct scientific link between rice and ill health. These levels are not high enough to dull any human health problems. Reporter: The fda fell short of setting any limits today, but the government stopped short today saying there's is no immediate health danger, but reminding parents a varied die set best. As for arietha, she will check with her doctor before fee her daughter more rice. Jim avila abc news washington. Now we want to bring in dr. Richard besser. Rice? How worried are you? You hear the word arsenic. The key question that hasn't been answered yet is how risky is it to your health. We'll not know that until the fda study is done next year. We're exposed to arsenic through the food we eat. The key question is, is this level risky? What do you do to minimize the risk if it nobody knows for sure what it means long term? I don't think you give up rice. Rice, bilkly brown rice is a great source of nutrition. When air cooking rice watch the rice before you cook it. Watch it in the calendar until the water runses clear. Cook the rice with extra water. Six times more water than you have rice in there. If you do those two thing, consumer said that will reduce by 30% the amount arsenic you

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{"id":17275822,"title":"'Worrisome' Levels of Arsenic Found in Rice?","duration":"3:00","description":"Consumer Reports says \"significant\" levels found in many rice products.","url":"/WNT/video/worrisome-levels-arsenic-found-rice-17275822","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}