Wrangler Jeans Helps Rebuild Town

Company contributes to Alabama town's recovery after tornadoes.
2:26 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Wrangler Jeans Helps Rebuild Town
The tornadoes that roared through the deep south six months ago -- heartbreaking scenes of devastation. Many communities feared for their future. But in one town the biggest employer and iconic American brand took a risk for its workers and it paid off. It's a kind of story we've been focusing on in our series bringing America back. An ABC Steve mostly -- brings it to us tonight from -- -- Alabama. The tornado tore through happen -- Alabama. Killed 26 people and nearly destroyed this little town but when it demolish their Wrangler -- factory. It also stole most of their jobs and their last bit of hope. There iconic blue jeans were found everywhere as far as ninety miles away. Plant manager wade had -- escape from under a table. The tornado warning him out approximately three TN. And about 330. We were without bill. They worried their town's largest employer would walk away so many other businesses here did. Families were left homeless and jobless. Rate. Recent world. Not -- here. -- -- -- But in a stunning display of loyalty Wrangler announced it would rebuild open a new plan in two years even -- fifty new jobs. And in the meanwhile every worker will be pain and driven eighty long miles each day to an old warehouse. They'll continue to ship those genes while the new. Planes built the night that we that we were would we came down here to announce -- rebuilding mean. -- over the -- 33 years I don't think I've had a better day. The company told us they decided to rebuild this plant because they have a highly trained American workforce here. That they just didn't want to lose my -- hall has worked for them 33 years Wrangler stepped up to the plight. I mean they take care of us Donna Frederick fifteen years -- Wrangler. The rape and come out she lost her home and she's rebuild what have you learned from this. Patient. Thank you. -- -- -- She says she worked there forever for a company that stands by its people and is bringing America back one Stanley at a time. Stevenson's on the ABC news -- Alabama.

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{"id":14830734,"title":"Wrangler Jeans Helps Rebuild Town","duration":"2:26","description":"Company contributes to Alabama town's recovery after tornadoes.","url":"/WNT/video/wrangler-jeans-helps-rebuild-town-14830734","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}