Five Year-Old Boy Genius Destined for Mensa

Parents credit educational apps on tech devices for son?s remarkable intelligence.
1:42 | 04/28/13

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Transcript for Five Year-Old Boy Genius Destined for Mensa
Wonder boy and you're about to see why he's only five -- -- started reading the morning paper at eighteen months. And ABC's -- Rivera tonight and -- kindergarten is still difficult for. Parents believe their kids are geniuses but five year old -- -- really is his parents say he began reading before he was potty trained at just eight. Teen months PS when so many questions about chemistry that I called -- a graduate student answered and I asked him a good. Well -- -- to sit down -- my boy. Turns -- little Gus has an IQ of 147. Way above the average score of a hundred and I enough to joined Mensa -- -- kindred Powell. That exclusive high IQ society to score above 145. It's considered -- territory. And yet or guardian is a struggle in a different way the content pulled pulled out Harare now I have to. Get direct -- grain and now. Mom and dad credit the educational tracks he's been playing with on the -- attack since he was three months old. But just isn't the only -- meant he's not even the youngest England's -- Winston Robbie is just three years old. And in 2004. Year old member -- -- you're wall appeared on the Tonight Show. So will one of these pint sized geniuses become the next even hockey or Albert Einstein both of whom reportedly topped the charts at 160. -- not experts say IQ can change over the course of childhood and some early achieving toddlers grow up to be of average intelligence. As forgot -- about -- and he has buried big plans -- ribeiro ABC news New York.

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{"id":19062833,"title":"Five Year-Old Boy Genius Destined for Mensa","duration":"1:42","description":"Parents credit educational apps on tech devices for son?s remarkable intelligence. ","url":"/WNT/video/year-boy-genius-destined-mensa-19062833","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}