Young Caregiver Races Home From School Every Day to Care for His Grandma

Chris Miller is one of the estimated 1.4 million youth caregivers.
2:54 | 11/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Caregiver Races Home From School Every Day to Care for His Grandma
And finally tonight, our team that brings you hidden america, introduces us to a person of the week. November is national care givers month. And it turns out more than one million americhildren hear the last school bell of the day and know their biggest challenge awaits at home. Abc's josh elliott with our person of the week. Reporter: Chris miller seems a free spirit, and forever seeking his next thrill. But he's also the face of a hidden crisis in america. For 13-year-old chris is the primary care giver to his 63-year-old grandmother dixie. Watch out grandma. Don't go up so fast. Reporter: Chris has lived with dixie for the last ten years. His mother passed away when he was young, his dad is in and out of prison. The little one is all I need. Reporter: Dixie has extensive nerve damage. Do you want to lean back in the chair? Reporter: And vision problems that require special medications. I know how to cut it. Reporter: Still she doesn't qualify for care giving assistance under any government program. So there is no one to turn to but chris. Do you let people in on your added responsibilities and what you do? A lots of people don't get it. And they just don't understand. Reporter: This is just one of the estimated 1.4 million american children trying to keep up at school while also being full time care givers at home. I want to know what happened on field day. Reporter: Connie siskowski is the founder of american association of care giving youth. They don't want to talk about what's going on at home. They're afraid and they feel overwhelmed and isolated. Reporter: In fact, 40% of family care givers experience depression. For children, school work is often the first thing to suffer. And when the school day ends, chris races home, terrified of what he may find. Having come home to find her having fallen down, what's that fear like every day? It's scary. Really scary. I mean it's like going on a roller coaster, and you're like 90 degrees down. Reporter: The fears at home are very real for chris. Back in his room, chris confides to me that worrying about it all keeps him up at nights. Reporter: When you like away, what are you thinking about? Um, like, how my life is going to be without my grandma. And how I'm going to succeed. Reporter: While he dreams of simple joys like going on a vacation with his grandmother or practicing his prized violin. For chris and so many others like him, the tradeoff is easy. Reporter: When are you at your absolute happiest? When my grandma is happy. We thank josh elliott and so we choose chris miller.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Chris Miller is one of the estimated 1.4 million youth caregivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20907196","title":"Young Caregiver Races Home From School Every Day to Care for His Grandma","url":"/WNT/video/young-caregiver-races-home-school-day-care-grandma-20907196"}