Young Prefer 'Net to Owning a Car

Auto industry discovers it's harder to sell cars to new generation of drivers.
2:35 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Young Prefer 'Net to Owning a Car
The American auto industry is on a roll tonight new figures show an unexpected surge of American streaming on to car -- and driving away with new cars. But there is also a concern in Detroit tonight the next generation of potential car buyers doesn't seem to share their parents' -- for a new set of wheels. Why here's ABC's David your. -- -- the engine of the American economy -- they keep selling at this rate we could see fourteen million cars sold this year. The kind of number we've been seen in five years. 2007 Americans bought sixteen million cars a year in the recession sales plummeted to ten point four million he was it jocular. You're all here everyone inside his GM plant outside Detroit sent home eighteen months they were out of work tonight they're back -- It cost. -- -- It just tonight we've -- a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee hiring 800 more jobs on the line but the the -- made in America. -- still major hurdles among them younger drivers. In 1960s American teens and their identities were too -- by their cars move into the cool world -- There was or Albert and his girlfriend who just hate it how he was treated. -- and -- and forty years later an auto makers are more determined than ever. Perhaps you remember this ad from Mitsubishi made headlines because it was aimed directly at those younger drivers. But look at this their shifting gears. In 199864%. Of Americans nineteen and younger had driver's licenses ten years later just 46% have them. And 46% of young drivers say they would choose Internet access over owning a car. Just -- Ford is now turning to FaceBook trying to get those young drivers to focus on their new focus. A whole page devoted to -- GM even inviting an executive from MTV asking what it takes to score a younger customer. Touching the young adults are connecting with -- doing something that resonates for them is always tougher -- because this is a moving target. So apparently not as easy to sell cars -- young people as it once was first takes jobs to afford them but Diane there was that other number 46%. Saying that if they had to choose between cars and Internet access. It she's the Internet so that's by the using FaceBook Twitter -- -- -- times of change intact did you -- your first car. I didn't love it it was a Chevy Ford or -- our target of pills. But it got -- -- -- and love my firebird I do think you -- it.

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{"id":15991040,"title":"Young Prefer 'Net to Owning a Car","duration":"2:35","description":"Auto industry discovers it's harder to sell cars to new generation of drivers.","url":"/WNT/video/young-drivers-prefer-internet-owning-car-15991040","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}