Uninvited Guests Show Up at Wedding

John and Bridget Barrot were engaged to be married when they heard that ABC's "What Would You Do?" was looking for a wedding to crash. The couple, who are big fans of the 2005 film "Wedding Crashers," jumped at the opportunity.

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When they met in Australia, Bridget knew John was the one for her. "I saw him across the bar and literally called him over with my finger. And we just started talking," she said.

John played the role of a tour guide, showing her around his home country, and simultaneously falling in love. When they decided to get married, they knew they had to do something memorable for their guests. As John explained, "I think our wedding's the ideal setting for wedding crashers. We've got a lot of different personalities. We've got the Australian personalities. We've got the American personalities."

Uninvited Guests

"I think that our family and friends all have a really great sense of humor," Bridget beamed. "They're all going to find it hilarious once they find out that these people are crashers."

Inspired by the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie, we sent two actors, posing as legitimate wedding guests, to mingle among the unsuspecting crowd to see how long they could keep their cover going.

"We're going to try to just take as much food as we can," said one of our crashers, Eric Wdowiak. "[We'll] bring some Ziplocs, throw some food in a Ziploc, and throw it in our pockets. Um, basically draw attention to ourselves while we're at the buffet and have people wonder why on earth we're taking all of this food."

Wdowiak and his partner in crime, Mark Noonan, wasted no time chatting up Hugh, one of John's friends from Australia. Wdowiak pretended to be an aspiring country singer, a genre of music the groom doesn't enjoy. Hugh bought their act hook, line and sinker.

Wdowiak said, "Hugh was with me, smiling and laughing, just thinking I am some weird guy who came to the party."

The crashers then worked their magic on Bridget's cousin, Katie Pinzino. This time, Wdowiak tried to charm Pinzino by claiming to be from Australia. When her cousin, Dan Raymond, joined the conversation, Wdowiak's accent slipped in and out.

Wdowiak later told us about the challenge of taking on multiple personas: "I was forgetting which accent I was supposed to be doing."

If Wdowiak's accent slip-ups didn't raise a red flag, he touched a nerve after telling Raymond how much he was looking forward to wooing Pinzino on the dance floor.

"First I was like, 'Uh, weird. You know, creepy,'" Raymond said. "And I was like, to Katie, 'Uh, maybe stay away? It's probably best.'"

Caught Off-Guard

Friends and cousins weren't the only targets of our crashers. Katherine Fico, the mother of the bride, was in for an interesting night herself.

"My mom is definitely going to be caught off-guard," said Bridget. "She has been the one that's played jokes on people her entire life. That's her thing. Anytime somebody new comes into her family, she is always thinking, scheming ways that she can play jokes on them. To actually be able to turn the tables on her ... is going to be pretty funny."

Much to Bridget's delight, our crashers fulfilled her wishes.

Noonan made it his mission to flirt with Katherine all night. "She is quite hard to get a hold of, because she kept moving. So I followed her for a while, and I didn't want to make it too obvious," said Noonan. "But I found her then by the wedding cake and then I made some small talk about the cake, and how beautiful it is to get married and I told her how beautiful she was, and that she was just my type and I was gonna keep an eye on her."

Katherine was taken a bit off-guard. "Well, you know what? I was dancing with my brother-in-law and then [Noonan] kind of worms his way in. And, oh gee, why not? You know? Good-looking guy," she said. "We started dancing and then he was kinda hitting on me in front of my dad and then he asked my sister if he could have my phone number. I love the attention, but then I realized that they were up to something."

Bridget's mom wasn't the only one who knew something was awry.

Physical Measures?

The best man, Luke Brown, and John's friends, Sam Navin and Mark Rankin, observed Wdowiak's and Noonan's strange behavior all night and came to the conclusion that they definitely had not been invited to the wedding. "I heard rumors of it. And we were sitting over in a table over there and everyone was coming around also saying, "Oh, there are these weird guys poking around. They are doing all this weird stuff," said Rankin. Not wanting to cause a scene, they confront Wdowiak while he is in the middle of eating his plate of food and ask him to leave before resorting to more physical measures.

That left our crasher, Noonan, alone to mingle with the guests, but not for long.

Bridget's uncle, Michael McCann, a lobbyist by day, sprung into action, confronting Noonan and even threatening to have him arrested for trespassing. McCann later told ABC News correspondent John Quinones, "We were gonna pounce on him!"

"Things started to get heated," Noonan said. "These guys looked like they were ready to hit me. I think two of them at least were ready to give me a good smack in the face."

Before the altercation turned physical, Quinones revealed our "What Would You Do?" experiment to the wedding guests.

'Two Thumbs Up'

The guests' reactions varied. Some, like McCann, had a feeling that something wasn't quite right, and that the crashers had to go, while others simply had no clue. It took the entire night for Pinzino, one of the first ones who spoke to the wedding crashers, to realize what was going on.

"I talked to both of them about what I did for a job and how he knew the groom. And I believed [Wdowiak], I guess because I'm naive. It was a lengthy conversation. He was believable. It's a beautiful wedding. I was kind of hoping he'd be on the dance floor later. I didn't really want to call him out."

Other women, even the bride's mother, Katherine Fico, echoed that sentiment, saying of Noonan, "I wasn't gonna kick him out, because I liked him."

It was a memorable night for Bridget, John and all of their friends and family. And Pinzino,the cousin of the bride, is already thinking about payback.

"This was unreal," she said. "On their wedding day? For them to spoof all of us? Bridget is clever. The two of them together are even better. Two, two thumbs up. But we'll get them at their anniversary party!"

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