Absent-Minded Waiter Leaves Customers Confounded

The world's most absent-minded waiter can't get anything right - except for making us laugh!
6:51 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for Absent-Minded Waiter Leaves Customers Confounded
Reporter: Welcome back to Memphis, Tennessee, where rock 'N' roll was born and the barbecue is smoking. Welcome to Memphis. Reporter: We're all set up at blues city cafe right on beale street. This time Sean plays our friendly waiter. Hi, y'all. Welcome to blues city cafe. Reporter: He's got plenty of southern hospitality. I love my job. I get to make people happy serving the best ribs in Memphis. Reporter: But his memory, well, let's just say it's a little deep fried. Who ordered these? Did somebody order these? Reporter: What would you do if you're hungry for barbecue and you happen upon the most absent-minded waiter in town? Sean's first customers, tourists from way down south -- the land down under. Where are you guys from? Australia. Oh, really? Cool. What part of Tennessee is that in? Reporter: He must have missed that day in geography class. No, Australia, like kangaroos. Oh. Right. Right, right, right. Reporter: Let's get down to business. I'll have the seafood. I'll have the stew. Reporter: Sounds simple enough. Repeat it three times for me. I won't forget it. Stew, stew, stew. Rhymes with kangaroo. And the seafood. The seafood, seafood. That's one for her, one for me. Oh, okay so two of each, got it. No, no, no. One stew, one seafood. Okay, very good. Who knows what we'll be having? Reporter: He has no idea how bad things will get. Our actor Angela is also back, this time playing a customer. It's my best friend's birthday. Today is her birthday? Yeah. We do the whole surprise birthday thing. Make sure she it's really special. Reporter: Sean will make it a surprise, all right. Here we go. We have a birthday over here everybody. Happy happy birthday, today is a big day. No. It's your birthday, right? No, no, no, it's that lady's birthday. Oh come on, we have a bashful birthday-er. No, no, no, no, no, no it's that lady's birthday. Is it both of your birthdays? Oh, I thought -- well, here you go. I'm really sorry, but happy birthday. Thank you. Reporter: Now Sean's on his way back with the aussies' main course. Problem is, he's brought two of everything. No, no, no. We ordered one stew -- Two like kangaroo. No. No, you said two and we said no. One stew and one seafood. Oh, okay. And I'll box these up for you guys. No. Reporter: But Sean just doesn't get it. He boxes up the extra food, to go. Okay, now there's your food to go right there. No. No. Reporter: She calls over a manager and she doesn't look happy. Are you unhappy with the service? Reporter: Of course she is. But her mild-mannered husband has a some advice for his wife Relax. Reporter: Time to help them do just that. All right, the show a called "What would you do?" I was genuinely worried for him and I thought, "The poor bloke is gonna lose his job." Reporter: Even though he ruined your lunch. Well, there wo:: Be plenty of ruined lunches but you know, I didn't want to cost the poor man his job. Reporter: That was very kind of you. We're rolling again and now there's a real birthday at Sean's next table. It's your birthday? Okay, well we'll take extra good care of you then. Reporter: Extra good care, starting off by writing their drink order on the birthday boy's back. Now, he's back with the drinks, but no bottle opener. While his thirsty customers search for one, Sean is busy taking a personal phone call. I'm from Jersey, I'll flip a table. Reporter: Just when we think things are about to take an ugly turn -- Can I borrow a pen? Reporter: She decides she'll just take the order herself. How many people want ribs? Reporter: This is great. And she doesn't even mind delivering her notes. Okay, the chef is right back here. You can just hand it back to him. I'm going to take it to the kitchen. Reporter: All the way to the kitchen. I've never been a waitress. That was my first order. You're hired. Reporter: We agree and we didn't forget it's this man's birthday. What better way to celebrate than with birthday ribs? And one more surprise. Happy birthday. How are you? I love you. "What would you do?" I rolled with it. Reporter: Oh, you did? You did. What's the moral of the story here? When you get angry at someone, you are only hurting yourself. You make the best of it and if you can't get what you want you just go do it yourself. Reporter: Throughout the day Sean is a bit fuzzy on the house specialty. You have a meal with a big rack of ribs? I think that we do ribs here. Reporter: Now he forgets his pad of paper. Yeah, I'll just use my hand. Reporter: But he does remember his problems with his girlfriend. We got in a big fight the other day. You want to talk about it? Reporter: He thought they'd never ask. She's a ribs girl, I'm a pulled pork guy. Reporter: Next, he forgets spoons for the soup. But that's okay, this family will just use straws. Over and over again we're surprised at how patient his customers are. You know, I had to put a smile to it. I have to think, like, he's doing his best. Reporter: There they are, still listening. I would just prefer if she'd forgive me if I forget her birthday. Reporter: But wait minute, he's supposed to be at work here. So are you guys hungry? Very. Reporter: Time to find out why they put up with such horrendous service. Why didn't they just walk out? He was actually a sweet kid. We're pretty easy-going both of us. So we roll with the punches. Reporter: The moral of the story? Good things come to those who wait. Reporter: In other words, if you wait long enough, your patience might be rewarded on national television. And lunch? Well, it's on "What would you

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{"id":23939081,"title":"Absent-Minded Waiter Leaves Customers Confounded ","duration":"6:51","description":"The world's most absent-minded waiter can't get anything right - except for making us laugh! ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/absent-minded-waiter-leaves-customers-confounded-23939081","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}