What Would You Do: Child rips up mother’s cash to make confetti

When she’s left alone for a minute, a little girl pulls cash out of her mother’s wallet. Not knowing what it is, she rips it to shreds to throw in the air. Will anyone stop her?
6:47 | 09/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Would You Do: Child rips up mother’s cash to make confetti
Okay, honey, I'll be right back. Watch mommy's wallet. Yes, okay mommy. Hum, this looks like fun. Hum, I should make some confetti. When it comes to money, it could easily qualify as a parent's worst nightmare. Ben and Jackie belmat of salt Lake City Utah says their toddler Leo loves to help them shred documents. Unfortunately he also took to shredding $1,000 of cash earmarked for season football tickets. Luckily, after the story went viral, Dr. Pepper came to the rescue and covered the cost of the tickets. But who can blame that little one. 24% of Americans don't even use cash to make purchases during a typical week. We're close to being a cashless society. It sure makes teaching our children about paper money a 21st century challenge. Today at lulu's caf, will anyone teach little Darby the value of the dollar? Look mommy, confetti! We can have a party! Oh my goodness. What have you done? What would you do? These two are enjoying a snack next to our actors. Uh sweetie, watch my wallet. Okay, mama. And now that mom is away -- Look at this. Darby is ready to play. Ooh, that's a lot of money. Is it fake or real? It's real. As Darby starts doing this, she's -- our little ripper keeps on at it. Oh my god. So. She did the second one. I tried to take from her. She tried to save the day. It's like $300. I mean, you can -- if you can find the edge. Now she's determined to see what damage can be undone. That's a -- It should be a long piece. Where is the other part? Is there one on the floor? Oh, yeah. Time to come clean and let them know they're on what would you do? I wasn't going to tackle her and take it out of her hands. You did try to stop her. The second one was trying to wiggle it up. We're rolling again. All right. Let's get started. Hmmm. This is a pretty wallet. I love this wallet. And Darby is back to her shenanigans. Look at this. What are these? Hmm. Whoops! The people at this table are looking on, and start to seem alarmed. That's your mother's money. That warning doesn't carry much meaning for Darby. This girl is ripping up all her mother's money while she's in the bathroom. Where is your mother? You can bring Tracy back. Mom is back. What are you doing? I made confetti. Oh, my goodness. How will they react when they hear this? I had over $400 in here. Time to cut the tension with the truth. Hi guys. They're actors and the money was fake. I didn't want to confront the girl because her mother wasn't here. Tough to interfere with someone else's child. But kids don't no the value of cash. No, they don't. I have three daughters and believe me, I know that. Throughout the day, Tracy keeps leaving Darby alone with her wallet full of cash. This looks like fun. Oh, man, she's stunned. I'm making confetti. Says one hundred. No, no, no! No! No! No, no, no. And people begging Darby to stop devaluing her mom's currency. I want to have fun. Try a napkin. It's better. It's too late. She may grow up to be a politician. They shred money too. We roll one last time. No. No. No. Don't rip it. It's a lot of money. Yes $1,000 of fake money. No, no, no, don't do that. When Darby doesn't listen, she's on her feet. It's just paper. But it's real money. I think it's your mom's real money. Collecting shreds off the floor. Just wait 'til your mom comes out of the bathroom. I don't want you to rip it, because she uses this. But it's fun. I know its fun. She's offering another option. If you want to make confetti, you can make it with the sugar. Take this. How about the blue one? Diligently keeping Darby occupied while waiting our mom's return. We can make blue and pink confetti. Okay? And you can rip those up. She continues to hold the shreds, as Traci comes to her devious daughter. What happened? She took your money out and started to rip it up. She says you always use credit cards. So I just stopped her. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. Thank you so much. Do you think they will take it back? Yeah. I think they would. Just explain the situation. I don't know of she's missing pieces. Hi! I'm John, John quiones Hi! With the TV show "What would you do?" Kids today don't really understand dollar bills anymore. It's so funny, 'cause he and I were just, just chatting before we walked in. 'Cause I just said, "Honey, I don't have any money." And he said, "You never have money. You're like the epitome of a cashless society." When she grows up, she's probably not even going to use cash. Yup. It's gonna be cashless soon. As for Darby, she learned an important lesson. Money is more valuable when it's intact.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"When she’s left alone for a minute, a little girl pulls cash out of her mother’s wallet. Not knowing what it is, she rips it to shreds to throw in the air. Will anyone stop her? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65443211","title":"What Would You Do: Child rips up mother’s cash to make confetti","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/child-rips-mothers-cash-make-confetti-65443211"}