What Would You Do: Daughter disapproves of father's much younger girlfriend

A single father's daughter doesn't approve of him falling in love with a much younger woman. How will others react?
7:23 | 07/29/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Daughter disapproves of father's much younger girlfriend
So good you commute today than. I know I'm so excited to finally meet the new woman in your life your lover. She's incredible need to actually. Well a lot of life actually here she is deafening. Ask me sweetie Callahan from the plant supply last Stephanie I signings and me. Please visit choke marks she's not a woman she sits high yield what are you blind she's just using you for your money. You're out to lunch when you see a daughter reacting angrily to her father's much younger girlfriend. Do you side with a father who argues that age is just a number or agree with a daughter who says dad should pack his pain. What would you do. My line excuse me what is mom if mom was still alive this would destroy her. And our hidden cameras are rolling up the red old dying here and has led new Jersey's. There she has when dad's some mystery cocaine and he comes strolling in. You cut traffic and I finally end this little island I land right away his daughter broadcasts. Heard one half. And hey listen. I didn't expect police and young. And this couple at the next table list tuned in we're. All my tail. I'm turning mum thinks she's only yelled at me SOC's. Means nothing. And I'm in a chair her name's. And then ranks I fancy name better but those arguments don't sit well with our daughter I don't feel comfortable linking dating my mom lives. When the girlfriend steps away turner and Afghan back. They watched silently as Lila unloads on her dad. Full control that age possibly want news she loves me and she's the love of my life in three months. People moving from the moon that's right. Just awful because of plunge she thinks is a golden I really he's just. Bleiler just seen a moment to seize up but when dad's alone they lean man to let him know that aids is not just a number humor me. For Picard. Yeah. This. Tunnel through them. Why. PH thing PH street it's. Others. You know they're seeing OK thing you know how. You're feeling you get inside. Know why this guy any mind. Now that's my need she loves you. Doing it right ring LL IO. I'm running. Three months. Yeah. Okay. Hey John yeah. Oh. My first place anyway she came animals like yeah I was thrown out when this guy is great images. Exactly right. I don't know you were so good to give him so much of Italy's staff Sargent guy you know like you don't wanna do connect positioning of the make me a choice between truth in. And I had a comfortable done. Back in the diner can smoother I just activity holders like smiling carrying stand it. Lila her father and is very young new girlfriend. Are back gas. Listen and love him and Hayes takes careful slow speeds doesn't mean anything. I don't know a lot of luck. I'm not sure at first it's hard to tell that this man is listening but I had a pair. Now don't leave until the 100 I know who this. Honestly I just I want nothing to do to stay here. But when Lila storms out and that is left alone snow who. Yeah I'm pretty upset them and she's obsessed now Madonna. I don't even see the age issue we'll. Even knew who. It's. Moved ladies. Well he's about to be taken up fast. Don't. It's William New Jersey. Throughout today and we knew we find lots of people in Jersey who are not shy about getting involved in this family man. This woman tries the soft of drug. Oh sorry. And this woman who reaches out to help. She thanks you can't teach an old dog a new trek. We want this commission. I can't believe we're not happy for me quiet an ideal payment thanks she's. Let's assume that you're honoring those who turn for a month. I'm sorry. And this man well he can relate. Who resigned. I really. I mean it's not gonna. How could he have handled it differently follow patient enough until a week before coming here seeing her play right away definitely way before. And in this press in a public place. That's just not right to. We roll one last time it's a matter hundreds should be thrilled to have him play have to change the system. Communal roots we'll ground right now. And when we send our a couple of ways people leave your receipt slash. Arlene share is compelled to help. You don't have to call them. Shall never being. So I can pay. The carrier great yeah oh yeah. More news I'm John King elements you know these people you do have to get involved in their drama. Why did you. Because I care about people. It is take a father's side you didn't take the daughters known to follow. Age is just a number. My boyfriend for just voiced female friend he was six. Younger than. What is an. Just remember that kids however old you feel that told you. The move this young lady brings joy to him and love to him that's what matters.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"A single father's daughter doesn't approve of him falling in love with a much younger woman. How will others react?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"48915550","title":"What Would You Do: Daughter disapproves of father's much younger girlfriend","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/daughter-disapproves-fathers-younger-girlfriend-48915550"}