Kids Swindle Customers at Hot Cocoa Stand

In this "WWYD" setup, children charge $1 per marshmallow for these unsuspecting patrons.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Kids Swindle Customers at Hot Cocoa Stand
Tiz the season and we're at the store selling hot cocoa -- get your hot cocoa. And goodies galore. If you were their customer, what would you do? How many marshmallows do you want with that? If santa's little helpers try to swindle you. Your total is $25.95. It's christmastime of course, but would you make a fuss if those kids in need- santa didn't bring everything we asked for last year so we're taking things in our own hands. People are in a generous mood. We're set for customers at deer born market in new jersey. Get your hot cocoa. It's delicious. Did she say delicious? All right. Would you like this or with a santa cup. Santa cup. Marshmallows? One scoop. You want a straw? Yes, please. You wanted a candy cane? Yes, please. All these yeses are adding up. Your total is $15.50. 15? And 50 cents. For three things, really? That's what it added up to, yeah. Let's break it down. Six marshmallows, a dollar per. Are you kidding me? Those can't be one dollar. They're pretty good. If you say so. Have they just made their first sale? This is going to a charity. I need an ipad. Because you need an ipad, is that what you said? Yes. I've been waiting forever. Oops, did they reveal a little too much? I think we'll put this back, that's too much. A dollar for a marshmallow is a little too much. We have's got saint nick with us and he's watching. How are my little helpers doing? We send him in to assist. Are they really your helpers? They want to charge me $10 for one doughnut. What should santa do? Put them on the naughty list or the nice list? I would be fine with a warning and a buck for the doughnut. You're going to go on the warning list. They escape with a warning, but they don't seem to care. This is a monopoly. I didn't have competition. It's just business, they say. I think our prices are pretty fair. Yep, that's $20. Isn't it a dollar for a cup? A dollar for the hot chocolate but that's a commemorative cup so it's an extra $10 and my sister is singing a song for you guys. Her song doesn't make it sound any better. I don't want a cup like that. Can you do it for $5? I'll do it for $19. I can't give you $20 for hot chocolate. I'm sorry. I can't just throw away $20 worth of hot chocolate. She walks away empty handed. Time to fill them back up with christmas cheer. Here's your chocolate. Thank you. Thank you. You were very convincing though I have to admit. Think about sales in the future. You're very good at it. Well, they haven't made a successful sale just yet. 34? Yeah. I'm not joking. What's this sign down here? About that sign -- look closely for a hint. They say it's all legit. It says prices may vary. If you just read the fine print. One dollar includes hot cocoa, additional upgrades for an extra cost. Services are at the discretion of providers. All products are final. The smile is free. We need more money. We need more money. Please help kids in need. Will they have more luck with this mother-daughter duo. Two doughnuts and a hot cocoa, please. Thank you. Your total comes to $14.50. 14.50? How much are the doughnuts? 3. How much is the hot chocolate? 3 in a commemorative cup plus a dollar for a marshmallow. Is she really going to pay? We'll make it $15 even. Wow, she even adds a tip. Wait, only 50 cent tip? That's all? Are you saying I didn't give you enough money? You're lucky you got a tip. Because I ended up paying more than I should. Warren buffett said the price isn't what you pay but the value of what you get. From two kids who are richer than they were five minutes ago. No! You paid the money. I know. Is your mom always that nice? Yes. We'll make sure santa has her on the right list. These girls hand over a $20 bill for two cups of hot cocoa. How many marshmallows? Seven. When they realize how little change they're getting back -- $18 total, $2 change. They laugh. No way. And laugh, and laugh some more. Why are you laughing? In fact, they laugh their way out the door. Oh, my god! This woman saw our clever kids seal the deal. Can we get you anything? I'm afraid. I have a dollar. What can I get? You can get one marshmallow. I'm going to just give you the dollar. Thank you. Were you going to buy something? I wanted a doughnut. And you didn't get it? I didn't get it. I couldn't read the fine print. You couldn't afford the doughnut. I couldn't afford the doughnut. So why give them their only dollar. Because they were cute. Look at that little girl's face. How could you deny her? What's your name? Cute and precocious. It may have been what saved them from santa's naughty list. We'll give them a warning. Wait a minute. Santa has a warning of his own. Remember, santa can see you. I've got cameras everywhere. And to that our swindlers say --

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{"id":21256142,"title":"Kids Swindle Customers at Hot Cocoa Stand","duration":"3:00","description":"In this \"WWYD\" setup, children charge $1 per marshmallow for these unsuspecting patrons.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/kids-swindle-customers-hot-cocoa-stand-21256142","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}